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TODAY news for Thursday, October 7, 2004

School of Dentistry news

Charles Goodacre meets with alumni; Dean′s Circle members honored

Charter members of the Dean�s Circle.
Charter members of the Dean�s Circle in the School of Dentistry honored for 15 years of continuous membership include (from left) Judson Klooster, DDS; Carlton R. Lofgren, DDS; Gilbert L. Dupper, DDS; J. Milford Anholm, DDS; William H. Heisler, DDS; Michael P. Boyko, DDS; and Richard A. Simms, DDS (right). Second from right is Charles J. Goodacre, DDS, MSD, dean. Not pictured are: Thomas G. Dwyer, DDS; Marlene M. Schultz, DDS; and Eugene V. Warner, DDS.
Alumni and friends of the School of Dentistry joined Dr. and Mrs. Charles Goodacreat events in Hawaii and Washington State earlier this year. “This was awonderful opportunity to meet with alumni and bring them news from the School,” saysDr. Goodacre.

The special dinner in Hawaii was coordinated by Howard Y.B. Kim, SD′67.Attending were Edward Higa, SD′87 and Peggy Higa, DH′88; Phillip Jo, SD′01;John M. Jones, SD′79; Dr. and Mrs. Howard Y.B. Kim; Russell Kim (SD′91) andJoyce Kim, DH′89; David (SD′75B) and Margy Metzler; Myren Severin, SD′78;Jeff Takashi, SD′02; Duane Tamashiro, SD′98; and Stanley Tamashiro, SD′64.

David (SD′75B) and Luba Hernandez coordinated the visit to Walla Walla, Washington,where Dr. Goodacre spoke to pre-dental students and met with alumni. Attendingthe evening dinner were Thor (SD′62) and Jean Bakland, Donald (SD′74) andSue Bassham; Paul Michael (SD′76) and Karen Baumgartner; Patti Bowen, SD′77;Eric (SD′88) and Diane Gustaven, Dr. and Mrs. David Hernandez, Donald (SD′72)and Linda Kellogg. Also participating were William (SD′66) and Meribeth McFarlane,Kerry (SD′84) and Kathy O′Connor with son, Kirt; Cameron (SD′89) and DanielleStewart, Donald (SD′73) and Diane Stewart; Thor (MS′77) and LouAnne Torafson;and Thomas Utt, SD′81.
Richard A. Simms, DDS, MS�63 and Dr. Goodacre.
Richard A. Simms, DDS, MS�63 (right), was honored by Dr. Goodacre for 15 years of Dean�s Circle membership.
Dr. Goodacre and Carlton R. Lofgren, DDS, SD�61
Dr. Goodacre congratulates Carlton R. Lofgren, DDS, SD�61, on 15 years of membership in the Dean�s Circle. Dr. Lofgren is a member of the LLUAHSC Councilors.

TODAY news for Thursday, October 7, 2004