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TODAY news for Thursday, February 23, 2006

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Cybercrime losses are down

The Computer Security Institute (CSI) says that average cybercrime losses are down, according to the results of the CSI annual computer crime and security survey. CSI and the San Francisco FBI Computer Intrusion Squad conducted the survey. The aim of the survey is to raise security awareness and to determine the scope of computer crime in the United States. Here are some of the key findings of the 2005 survey:

* The total dollar amount of financial losses resulting from security breaches is decreasing, with an average loss of $204,000 per respondent—down 61 percent from last year’s average loss of $526,000.

* Virus attacks continue as the source of the greatest financial losses, accounting for 32 percent of the overall losses reported.

* Unauthorized access showed a dramatic increase and came in as the second most significant contributor to computer crime losses, accounting for 24 percent of overall reported losses, and showing a significant increase in average loss per respondent, more than double that of last year.

TODAY news for Thursday, February 23, 2006