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TODAY news for Thursday, March 9, 2006

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Centennial Complex groundbreaking ceremonies slated for April 7

Centennial Complex Update
Reach for a pen or pencil—and circle the date of April 7 on your calendar. Less than a month from now, the long-anticipated groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Centennial Complex will take place.

The ceremonies on Friday, April 7, 2006, will include two parts: one celebrating the Centennial Pathway—the other the actual groundbreaking for the Centennial Complex at its north-campus site. The pathway—to include more than 36,000 granite paving stones (one for each day of Loma Linda’s 100-year history)—will extend from Magan Hall to the Centennial Complex.

Prior to the 3:30 p.m. groundbreaking ceremonies, those wishing to participate are invited to gather on Stewart Street between Anderson and Campus streets. Loma Linda’s most ambitious and significant new academic building in 20 years, the Centennial Complex will transform the way teachers teach and students learn at Loma Linda University.

“In fact,” says Carolyn Cales, executive director of the campaign, “the complex is all about the students and how they learn. The dream that drives this ambitious project is the prospect of preparing graduates of superb character and highly developed professional skills who will extend health, healing, wholeness, and hope—in all their dimensions—around the world.”

Bricks and mortar, steel and glass, are essential for the expansion of any growing university. But as attractive as the architecture of the Centennial Complex will be, its one great purpose is to serve the students of Loma Linda University.

As they use its classrooms and labs, its state-of-the-art Educational Technology and Skills and Assessment Centers, its Anatomy Pavilion and teaching amphitheaters, the true purpose of the complex will be realized.

Those whose daily routines take them frequently to the north end of the campus will have noticed in recent weeks the dismantling of Gentry Gym to clear the way for the beginning of Centennial Complex construction on the site. As this column has noted in recent issues of Today, anyone interested may follow progress at the building site by checking the Internet live-cam at <www.llu.edu/centennial/complex/construction.html>.

Not often does groundbreaking for a building project of such scope and significance as the Centennial Complex occur on the University campus. If you are a Centennial Complex donor or an interested supporter of Loma Linda, you are warmly invited to attend. Come celebrate this milestone together with us.

And of course, if you are a part of Loma Linda University—an administrator, faculty or staff member, student, or medical professional, plan now to set aside part of your Friday afternoon on April 7 to be a witness to this significant event in Loma Linda’s history.

TODAY news for Thursday, March 9, 2006