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TODAY news for Thursday, March 9, 2006

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SIMS continues to provide quality health care in Mexico

Mariel Ravinovich and Liza Wahjud provide dental care.
Mariel Ravinovich (left), SIMS participant, and Liza Wahjudi, dental hygiene student, provide dental care.
The chilly, misty morning of February 18 found a group of 17 volunteers full of a mysterious deep-rooted excitement to head south for the SIMS monthly mission trip to Mexico. The trip was the same one, full of postcard perfect scenes, stomach stimulating aromas, and the sounds of Mariachis and clicking cameras.

What was a little different this time was the location, the Cruz Azul District. This is a neighborhood set aside by the government for those who lost their homes after the disastrous flooding in 2005. Ironically, the morning of the clinic found the group slowed down by the rain. Luckily, it didn’t last long and the clinic opened under a rustic canopy, a trailer home porch, and one room inside the host family’s trailer home.

Once the sun came out, so did the people. Between dental and medical about 75 patients were seen, which was definitely enough to keep the team of dentists, doctors, nurses, and various students from many different schools busy. Besides the consults and the treatment, the waiting patients were able to receive preventive health lectures which were done by some of the students.

The end of the day found all 17 volunteers headed back north on the same road, but with cameras full of pictures and hearts full of satisfaction.

By Claudio Japas, SIMS Mexico Trip Coodinator

TODAY news for Thursday, March 9, 2006