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TODAY news for Thursday, March 23, 2006

School of Dentistry news

Dental and dental hygiene students complete research studies

Countless hours were spent as third-year dental students and dental hygiene seniors completed their research projects for this year’s table clinic competition. The research studies were displayed as table clinics during the School of Dentistry’s recent Alumni Student Convention. The data is also being collected and will be compiled on a research DVD.

Following are the names of the student researchers and their mentors, with the titles of their research projects.

Dentistry (class of 2007)

“Does your clinical attire impress your patients?” Diana Clinciu, Siri Harrington, Tyler Johnson. Mentor: Dr. Gary Golden.

“Toothbrushing efficiency by 3- and 4-year-old children.” Leslie Butler, Travis Nelson, Jamie Pragasam. Mentors: Dr. Lorena Salcedo, Dr. Richard Grabowski.

“How do I take care of my dentures?” Sungho Kim, Esther Lee, Jaein Park. Mentor: Dr. Madelyn Fletcher.

“Effective management of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” Robert Huang, Elizabeth Williamson, Krystle Fenton. Mentor: Dr. Doyle Nick.

“Computer-based multimedia clinical reference.” Ken Lim, Joey Collins, Dudley Pang, Joshua Jeon. Mentor: Dr. Tom Rogers.

“Educational presentations on oral health care for grade schools—A resource for dental professionals.” Christine Aufderhar, Stephanie Pak, Chonway Tram, Reo Pugao. Mentor: Dr. Brian Black.

“Setting up a community dental clinic: An educational resource.” Tiffany Graham, Sally Keese, Bethany Kronberg. Mentor: Dr. Mark Estey.

“Waiting room education program.” Michael Cooper, Robert Shearer, Amy Staker. Mentor: Dr. Holli Riter.

“Flap design for surgical exodontia.” Kevin Brown, Phil Cho, J.D. Bilbao. Mentor: Dr. Wayne Tanaka.

“Judging clinical competency: A correlation of WREB performance with clinical competency standards utilized by LLUSD, 2003–2005.” Meghanne Gromis, Timothy Oh, Tiffany Lamberton. Mentor: Dr. Ron Dailey.

“The effects of amalgam retention pins on the integrity of surrounding tooth structure.” Stuart Segura, Matt Garrett, Jeff Gawley. Mentor: Dr. George Blount.

“In vitro evaluation of light treatment on efficacy of chairside whitening gel.” Anthony Berdan, James Kozik, Herbert Edwards. Mentors: Dr. Sean Lee, Dr. Yiming Li.

“Development of an innovative automatic amalgam condenser.” Travis Coulter, Elizabeth Van Den Hoven, Wini Luong. Mentors: Dr. Lloyd Baum and Dr. Gary Golden.

“Implant success in distracted bone versus autogenous bone graft sites.” Daniel Morgan, Mouhab Samman. Mentor: Jeff Elo.

“CBCT streak artifacts generated by four different orthodontic brackets.” Christian Hoybjerg, Matt Sanders, Curtis Chu. Mentor: Dr. Leroy Leggett.

“Evaluation of the accuracy of three electronic apex locators measured at different battery levels.” Vanessa Pulido. Mentor: Dr. Dominic Cote.

“In vitro analysis of antimicrobial effects of Doxycycline suspension in a Sorbitol based solution.” Linda Cha, Grace Chu, Vanessa Pulido. Mentor: Dr. James Kettering.

“Repaired polyvinyl siloxane impressions: The effect on dimensional accuracy.” Raelene McDowall, Debra Matson, Eric Palacios. Mentor: Dr. Doyle Nick.

“Viral transmission in laser plume.” Matt Carlson, Chad Abby, Dawit Adugna. Mentors: Dr. James Jesse, Dr. Sandip Desai, Dr. James Kettering.

“A comparative study of the retention of build up material.” Cecilia Ibarguen, Norma Vazquez. Mentor: Dr. Fred Berry.

“Effect of filler particle size on stain resistance of dental resin composites.” Reen Chung, Erick Hernandez, Tae-hoon Park. Mentor: Dr. Edward Ko.

“Farnesol inhibits the growth of Candida albicans biofilm on denture acrylic.” Jane Yi, Andrew John. Mentors: Dr. Wu Zhang and Ray Aprecio.

“Micro C.T. comparison of three endodontic rotary techniques.” Chris Morris, David Lee, Thomas Kim, Tim Lewis. Mentor: Dr. Steve Morrow.

“A comparative study of the mechanical fatigue characteristics of 3 overdenture attachment systems.” Neal Edwards, Erina Lee, Kavin Gustafson. Mentor: Dr. Harvey Zalsman Jr.

“Smear layer removal following root canal instrumentation.” Wendy Gregorius, Beth Klein. Mentor: Dr. Manouchehr Pouresmail.

“The effects of superoxidized water on biofilms in non-treated dental waterline.” Yong (Jake) Park, Kongkiat Ratanatharathorn, Dongwook (Bernard) Lee. Mentor: Dr. Wu Zhang.

“An evaluation of cone beam computerized tomography as an effective alternative to traditional dental radiography in the detection of artificial proximal lesions.” Brian Chan, Melissa Lee, Montry Suprono. Mentor: Dr. Joseph Caruso.

“Clinical outcome of root-end induction performed with mineral trioxide aggregate.” Sarah Kim, Soojin Lee. Mentor: Dr. Manouchehr Pouresmail.

“Attitude on halitosis.” Eunduk Choi, Esther Chung, Angela Hong. Mentor: Dr. Sean Lee.

Dental hygiene

“Tooth whitening efficacy: age, gender, and ethnicity.” Jennifer Royer, Keri Kubrock, Diana Komora. Mentor: Dr. Yiming Li.

“No more tears.” Kelsie Arizaga, Rachelle Reaney, Desteen Stroh. Mentor: Shirley Lee.

“Blood pressure monitors: digital vs. sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.” Megan Clarke, Jessi Foerderer, Dana Kattenhorn. Mentor: Debra Friesen.

“Oral health care in American Sign Language.” Joseph Jordan (SD’07), Shanan Carlson, Heather Neufeld. Mentor: Dr. Ron Forde.

“Striving for a smoke free generation.” Holly Antuna, Ashley Ellison, Kimberly Thielen. Mentors: Dr. James Kettering and Ray Aprecio.

“Dudley’s daily dental decisions.” Melissa Kwik, Heidi Chrowl, Jossy Leonora. Mentor: Darlene Cheek.

“The effect of sterilization on disposable implant scaler tips.” Tina Wister, Heidi Salagan. Mentor: Shelly Withers.

“Toothbrush sanitizing system.” Denise Campas, Cathy Dawson, Marlyn Betancourt. Mentor: James Kettering.

“Antimicrobial potential of a tetracycline/hydrogen peroxide gel.” Chelle Chincurreta, Kandice Samarza, Lacee Wade. Mentor: Kris Wilkins.

“The influence of mouthrinses on bonding agents.” Mistie Imdieke, Tara Dominguez, Randy Valencia. Mentor: Dr. Sean Lee.

“The effectiveness of ‘P. Brush’ in eliminating bacteria from a toothbrush.” Mona Aquino, Thuan Vuong, Janelle Cobb. Mentors: Dr. James Kettering, Bill Keeler.

“A comparison between two prophy angles.” Sarai Armijo, Perla Garcia, Rhea Yap. Mentors: Kris Wilkins and Jean Honny.

“Antimicrobial effectiveness of alcohol and non-alcohol containing mouthwashes.” Brenda Carli, Trisha Cowan, Natalile Kinda. Mentor: Dr. James Kettering.

“Does temperature affect the peroxide content of bleaching products?” Jaimie Ragsdale, Kirstin Robison, Daisy Easley. Mentor: Dr. Yiming Li.

“Duration of release of fluoride from a fluoridated varnish on enamel.” Lorraine Hofmann, Shawn Leetch. Mentor: Dr. George Lessard.

International Dentist Program

“Antimicrobial efficacy of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide individually and in combination.” Drs. Lovegel Dealca, Shuchita Gupta, Amrit Singh. Mentors: Dr. James Kettering and Dr. Les Arnett.

“A study of the properties of self-etching resin cement as a core build up material.” Drs. Kathleen Saturay, Mukeshbhai Patel. Mentor: Dr. Huan Lu.

“Developing a standard method for comparing x-ray media with the aid of computer graphic software.” Drs. Moutaz Alsahli, Rami Jekki, Aram Deragobian. Mentor: Dr. Lane Thomsen.

“A comparative study of bacterial infiltration in suture materials of different thicknesses using luciferase-labeled Escherichia coli.” Dr. Hossein Danesh. Mentor: Dr. Shahrokh Shabahang.

By Nancy Yuen

TODAY news for Thursday, March 23, 2006