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TODAY news for Thursday, September 24, 2004

Faculty of Religion news

New book explores principles of spirituality, health, and wholeness

A new book edited by Siroj Sorajjakool, PhD, associate professor of religion, Faculty of Religion, and Henry Lamberton, PsyD, associate dean for student affairs, School of Medicine, has been published by The Haworth Press, Inc., Binghamton, New York.

Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness: An Introductory Guide for Health Care Professionals explores the principles of spiritual care as applied to clinical practice.

“This book focuses specifically on the significance of spirituality in clinical settings with practical suggestions on how to apply these principles in the healing process,” Dr. Sorajjakool says.

“With chapters that begin with clear objectives and end with guided questions, this textbook proves a framework that will aid health-care facilities in addressing spiritual needs in a clinical setting and help faculty in mentoring students in the field.”

Loma Linda contributors to the book include Leigh Aveling, DMin, director, pastoral care, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center; Lee S. Berk, DrPH, associate clinical professor, heath promotion and education, School of Public Health; Carla Gober, MS, MPH, associate director, Center for Spiritual Life and Wholeness; James Greek, DMin, director of chaplain services, Loma Linda University Medical Center; Reginald A. Pulliam, MA, doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Loma Linda University; Johnny Ramirez-Johnson, EdD, MA, professor of theology, Faculty of Religion; and Richard Rice, PhD, professor of religion, Faculty of Religion.

Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness: An Introductory Guide for Health Care Professionals will assist the reader in learning when and how to address spiritual issues in health care with patients for whom illness creates a crisis of faith, as well as those for whom provides support.

“This book highlights not only the importance of health-care professionals in providing emotional, mental, and spiritual care, but also the necessity for them to address their own spirituality,” Dr. Sorajjokool continues.

“This book includes the experiences and cases studies of skilled authorities mostly from the Judeo-Christian or Judaic tradition who identify principles that they found to be important in working with patients from a diversity of spiritual traditions.”

Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness: An Introductory Guide for Health Care Professionals is “a marvelous collection of theoretical and practical approaches to caring for the whole person—mind, body, and spirit,” says Winston E. Gooden, PhD, dean, School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary.

“Drawing on research, extensive clinical experience, and careful literature reviews, the authors have created an excellent introductory guide for health-care practitioners who want to address spiritual and existential issues in the context of treatment.”

“This volume will guide the reader on how to relate to difficult patients and patients whose cultural outlook is so different from your own, that it may cause discomfort. Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness will assist all health-care professionals who want to bring spirituality into their medical, dental, nursing, occupational therapy, or physical therapy practice,” Dr. Sorajjakool states.

Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness: An Introductory Guide for Health Care Professionals is available at the Campus Store or directly from the Haworth Press website at <www.HaworthPress. com>. Cost of the book is $24.95 in the softcover edition, or $39.95 in the hardcover edition.


TODAY news for Thursday, September 24, 2004