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TODAY news for Thursday, April 6, 2006

School of Science & Technology news

Psychology student commissioned as captain in U.S. Air Force

Daniel Michel, PsyD student
Daniel Michel, PsyD student, is commissioned as captain in the U.S. Air Force by Lt. Cmdr. (Sel) Cathy Wise.
“This is my way of giving back to my country that has given me and my family so many opportunities,” states Daniel Michel, PsyD student in the department of psychology, SST.

On March 27, 2006, Mr. Michel was commissioned as a captain in the United States Air Force upon being selected for the U.S. Air Force clinical psychology internship.

“This was the one thing I knew he wanted to do since the day we met—to serve his country and be a psychologist,” shares Julia Michel, wife of Capt. Michel. The two met in 1998 when both were students at the University of California, San Diego. “In a way, I’m kind of speechless...with how badly he wanted this and how everything has come together. I’m really excited for him.”

The two will journey in July to Andrews Air Force Base in Camp Springs, Maryland, where Capt. Michel will have a one-year internship. After that, he will serve for a few years in another location wherever the Air Force decides to take them.

TSgt. Heather Aguirre, officer accessions recruiter, explains, “This was absolutely a competitive worldwide position. What made him stand out above the others was his perseverance, his high GPA, letters of recommendation, and his personality. He’s a hard worker and very reliable.”

The United States military is no stranger to the Michel family. Capt. Michel’s older brother is in the Navy, as well as his “sister” Lt. Cmdr. (Sel) Cathy Wise, who has served for the past 11 years.

“He’s like a brother to me,” says Lt. Cmdr. (Sel) Wise who happily commissioned Capt. Michel. “I have no doubt he’ll do very well.”

“I’m so proud of him,” says his mother, Cindy Michel, with teary eyes, and father, Roger Michel. “He’s always put everything he has into everything he’s done.”

After Mr. Michel became Capt. Michel, TSgt. Aguirre presented him with a surprise—a framed photograph symbolizing the U.S. Air Force clinical psychology internship.

“Dan’s been one of the highest achievers in our program,” says Kendal Boyd, assistant professor of psychology, SST. “He’s an excellent student and there’s no doubt he’s going to be a success. We’re very proud that he’s from our program.”

From Capt. Michel’s perspective, he’s thankful for being a part of LLU’s department of psychology. “This program has done phenomenal amounts to me. They’ve really prepared me.”

As far as being a captain in the U.S. Air Force... “I’m on top of the world.”

By Patricia Thio

TODAY news for Thursday, April 6, 2006