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TODAY news for Thursday, April 6, 2006

Loma Linda University Children's Hospital news

Loma Linda University Children’s hospital celebrates 10th anniversary of ECMO

Luis Uride (far left), 4, and his sister, Xochti, 5, and Nick Higdon
Luis Uride (far left), 4, spent five days on ECMO, and poses with his sister, Xochti, 5, and Nick Higdon, another ECMO survivor.
Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital celebrated its 10th anniversary of the ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) program on Thursday, March 23.

ECMO is partial prolonged heart-lung bypass for selected infants and children with life-threatening respiratory failure due to severe, yet reversible cardiac or pulmonary disease. In the 10 years since ECMO started at Children’s Hospital, 106 newborns, infants, and children have been treated.

Douglas Deming, MD, gave a brief slide show of how ECMO developed at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and recognized the team who helped get it going and who continue to run the program today.

“You don’t get to go on ECMO just by being sick,” said Dr. Deming. “You have to be way out in very, very, very sick land.”

Dr. Deming gave a special thank you to Gibbs Andrews, MD; Gerald Nystrom, MD; Andrew Hopper, MD; and Janie Pageau, MD, who were all instrumental in getting the ECMO program up and running in 1996. He also thanked the financial sponsors who have helped Children’s Hospital acquire the necessary equipment to provide ECMO. Riverside Health Foundation, Walter’s Mercedes Benz, and WFS Financial have each been key in maintaining the program’s ability to help the 106 children who have undergone ECMO treatment.

By Preston Clarke Smith
 Ilene Delgado, 2, and her mother, Adrian
Two-year-old Ilene Delgado, from Colton, spent eight days on ECMO, and enjoys the party with her mother, Adrian.

TODAY news for Thursday, April 6, 2006