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TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005

Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center news

Loma Linda AIDS Walk team seeks more participants

Team organizer Natalie Tun, MPH, CPT (right), and Margarete Carniero, MPH, participated in last year’s AIDS Walk.
Sundays in October are often dedicated to pursuits such as working in the yard or watching National Football League games. But the Loma Linda community is invited to reserve Sunday, October 16, for a special cause: AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

Students, faculty, and staff at Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center and anyone else who is interested are wanted to join the Loma Linda walking team.

Natalie Tun, MPH, CPT, a recent graduate from the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, is organizing the team. She hopes for the team to raise a minimum of $12,000 participating in the AIDS Walk.

“My focus is on the attempt to reduce the suffering in our world caused by this virus, as it will eventually affect all of us in some way or another,” Ms. Tun explains.

The walk will follow a 10-kilometer (6.2 mile) path through West Hollywood. People who can’t join the walk but would like to participate can do so by helping to sponsor the team.

Contact Ms. Tun via e-mail at <nttun@aol.com> or by phone at (310) 940-8230 to get involved.

The nonprofit organization AIDS Project Los Angeles will receive the money raised by the walk, along with other LA-area AIDS services.

AIDS Project Los Angeles has three main goals: to enhance the lives of people affected by HIV; to reduce HIV infection rates; and to promote fair and effective HIV-related public policy.

Toward this end, the organization offers services such as dental care to underserved people, community education forums, transportation to medical visits, and expert advice on HIV-related insurance and benefits issues.

Visit <www.apla.org/> for more information on the programs and services AIDS Project Los Angeles offers.

Ms. Tun points out that we are all in this fight together.

“As bystanders, we have more power than we think. Each and every one of us CAN make a huge difference in this world to help reduce the suffering and bring more peace to all, including ourselves,” she says.

More information about the walk is available at AIDS Walk Los Angeles’ website, <http://aidswalk.net/losangeles/>.

TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005