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TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005

School of Public Health news

School of Public Health professor’s book recognized for excellence

Barbara Anderson, DrPH, has recently completed a second book, Reproductive Health. The book has been recognized for excellence.
Choosing from six different books, the American College of Nurse-Midwives selected a Loma Linda University School of Public Health professor’s book as the organization’s book of the year.

The book, Reproductive Health: Women and Men’s Shared Responsibility, seeks to disprove the idea that reproductive rights are synonymous solely with women’s health.

Barbara Anderson, DrPH, chair and professor, department of health promotion and education, SPH, wrote the award-winning book, which was published by Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Reproductive Health is Dr. Anderson’s second book.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) Book of the Year Award is given annually to honor an author(s) for a contribution that is significant to the profession of midwifery. Selections are chosen from those books identified and received for review in the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health (JMWH) in the calendar year prior to the ACNM Annual Meeting.

A committee from the ACNM national office and JMWH Editorial Board makes the final decision. In 2005, there were six books up for consideration, according to ACNM’s communications manager, Tim Clarke Jr.

Reproductive Health proposes that both men and women should be involved in reproductive health, and that their involvement should be accompanied by support from the community and governed by human rights and social justice.

“The global agenda of shared responsibility for the reproductive health of men, women, and children is heartening,” shares Dr. Anderson. “Global chaos affecting millions makes one wonder if reproductive health for all can ever become a reality. A mandate for ensuring the reproductive health of our world is addressed by the contributors of this work.”

Applicable for public health policymakers, leaders, and students, the text approaches women’s and men’s health in a balanced, interactive manner by presenting case studies that link program and policy issues to practical experiences.

The book also addresses

• global action and advocacy, sexuality, family decisions, and factors undermining reproductive health;

• highly controversial contemporary issues such as assisted reproductive technology, birth control, selective abortion, and genital mutilation;

• the premise that reproductive health is also about men, the young, the aging, homosexuals, refugees, the disabled, and the infertile; and

• widely divergent cultural and societal factors, and the community-based solutions are necessary to support the wide range of persons needing reproduction health services.

Reproductive Health: Women and Men’s Shared Responsibility can be purchased at <Amazon.com>, <BarnesandNoble.com>, <www.jbpub.com/>, and <badgerbookstore.com>.

TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005