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TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005

School of Public Health news

School of Public Health students get a night of recognition with awards banquet

Micheline Vargas and James Kyle
Micheline Vargas receives an award from James Kyle, MD, MDiv, dean of the School of Public Health.
As part of their graduation weekend festivities, students in the School of Public Health dressed up for a night in the spotlight among their friends, families, and faculty.

About 400 guests crowded Wong Kerlee International Conference Center for the awards banquet, held Saturday evening, June 11.

Students were given the following awards and scholarships:

School-wide scholarships and awards

Becky Bushman Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Biondolillo
Kristin Bunker

Chancellor’s Award
Paola Case

Robert and Zaida Cordero-MacIntyre Scholarship
John Cuyugan
Daniel Feleke
David Fukuda
Maribet Rivera

Hulda Crooks School of Public Health Scholarship
Waheed Baqai
Sarah Biondolillo

Dean’s Award
Olivia Moses
Emelly Rosspencer
Yessenia Tantamango

Bob and Ruth Hervig SPH Scholarship
Kristin Bunker
Willard and Irene Humpal Award
Khaled Bahjri

SPH Student Research Scholarship
Oluwafeyikemi Adesina
Leslie Bramson
Michelle Bush
Carolyn Corder
Heather Diaz
Janet Flores
Elvin Hernandez
Marlon Minera
Julie Pham
Priyadarshini Samanta

Traineeship Award
Maria Castillo
Merari Chacon
John Cuyugan
Demera Finnegan
Amber Foisy
Lisa Griffith-Forde
Frances Jones
Amandeep Kalsi
Pearly Karunakaran
Karen Kelly
Lindon Leach
Hoa Nguyen
Yeira Rodriguez
Talitha Sanvik
Jon Takashima
Irene Tedjasukmana
Paula Thompson
Natalie Tun

Department of global health scholarships and awards
Excellence in Global Health Scholarship
Lodz Joseph

Department of environmental and occupational health scholarships and awards

Environmental and Occupational Health Department Scholarship
Christy Inskip
Jereme Weischedel

Award for Excellence in Geoinformatics Studies
Dianne Adams
Bradley Jamison

Department of epidemiology and biostatistics
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department Scholarship
Emmylia Constantinescu
Kai-Ya (Kelly) Tsai

Department of health administration

ACHE Health Administration Scholarship
Michael Mashni
Tri Nguyen
Parham Parto
Johann Ramirez
Peter Yoo

Lynne S. Belin Health Administration Scholarship
David Knierim

Phil S. Carney Health Administration Scholarship
Dora Barilla

C. Joan Coggin Health Administration Scholarship
Bradley Jamison

Gladys Hewes Health Administration Scholarship
Adam Moore
Jude Jean Baptiste Health Administration Scholarship
Edward Martin II

Jere and Marian Chrispens Health Administration Scholarship
Shantala Ahanya

Alexander and Maria Kirk Health Administration Scholarship
Michael Mashni

Ann C. Lee Health Administration Scholarship
Noelle Giordano

Ralph and Louise McCleary Health Administration Scholarship
Adam Moore

Ron and Madge Oh Health Administration Scholarship
Justin Freed

David Holt Health Administration Scholarship
Parham Parto

Teri S. Tamayose Health Administration Scholarship
Adam Moore

Wilton C. Halverson Health Administration Scholarship
Michael Collins

Department of health promotion and education
Gerken-Neish Scholarship
Dianne Adams
James Grizzell
Jung Park
See-Wei Toh

Glen Blix Award for Excellence in Preventive Care
Patricia Alpert
Olivia Moses

Master of Public Health Scholarship
Cordelia Hanna
Natalie Martinez
Aileen Tareg

Wiesseman Scholarship
Nicole MacDonald
Micheline Vargas

Department of nutrition
McClean Nutritional Research Award
Patricia Dyett

California Walnut Commission Scholarship
Gina Siapco

The School of Public Health also honored Carlos Crespo, DrPH, as alumnus of the year. Dr. Crespo is associate director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center in Health Housing. He also holds academic appointments at the University of Buffalo and Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.

The School presented the Distinguished Service Award to Teri S. Tamayose, EdD, MBA, who is the assistant dean for recruitment and marketing for the School.

Also at the banquet, the School announced the inauguration of a new award, the Sylvia Ram Memorial Scholarship. Sylvia Ram was a student in the health administration department who passed away earlier this year.

Additionally, student James Jo was presented with a surprise award, the DrPH Preventive Care Scholarship.

TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005