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TODAY news for Thursday, May 25, 2006

Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center news

Loma Linda entities announce Rideshare winners for 2005

Rideshare winners
Rideshare winners for 2005 (from left) Vickie Stead, Gilbert Lopez, Teri Pantaleo, Laura Alipoon, Barry Krall, and Regie Anderson are pictured with Rideshare coordinators JoAnn Masip and Peggy Bazemore. Rideshare winners not available for the photograph are Rebecca Mahadeo and James Waworendeng.
Rideshare winners from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda University Health Care, and Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus winners for 2005 have been announced. Each winner won a $250 get-a-way travel certificate.

Medical Center employee Vicki Stead works in the Transplantation Institute and has been walking to work for almost two years. She is our first quarterly drawing winner.

Ms. Stead walks to work rain or shine and loves every minute of it. She is a walker through and through. She is one of the fortunate ones to be able to leave all the parking frustrations at home, because with walking to work she has no parking woes.

Ms. Stead enjoys looking at the local mountains and hills on her way to work each day, plus knowing she is being paid for exercising to work as an added incentive. She loves wearing her “tennies” with her suit and carrying her large umbrella during rare rainstorms.

Making a fashion statement is always a plus too. Walking to work also means saving wear and tear on her car and she saves gas.

Loma Linda’s second quarterly winner is Teri Pantaleo. Ms. Pantaleo works at East Campus Hospital in administration. She has been carpooling for six years with her husband, Tony, and in 2005, participated in a three-person carpool—all commuting from Yucaipa.

Ms. Pantaleo expressed that carpooling has reduced her stress level dealing with the increased vehicles on the road from Yucaipa since the population growth in that area.

Being part of the Rideshare program, Ms. Pantaleo receives free gas coupons which helps fight the ever increasing price of gas. What’s also great is that her husband works for health services and he receives gas coupons too.

During 2005, Ms. Pantaleo and her husband had a third carpool participant.This gave them an extra four days of paid leave for the year. With these types of incentives, Ms. Pantaleo says, “Who would not want to carpool?

Reggie Anderson is the fourth quarterly winner and works in the department of pediatric research for health care. Mr. Anderson has been carpooling with a fellow employee for three years and commutes from Corona five days a week.

Mr. Anderson says that he is able to balance his work and home life a bit better with carpooling each day, spending more time with his family as a result. He likes carpooling for the convenience, saving time and money, and the knowledge that it cuts back on tardiness and absenteeism.

Loma Linda University Rideshare winners include Gilbert Lopez, a University catering employee. He is our first quarterly winner. Mr. Lopez has been riding the bus for more than five years. He takes the bus everywhere he goes. The money he saves on gas, car insurance, and car repairs he spends on his children and grandchildren.

Mr. Lopez rides the bus for free, since he receives a free bus pass each month being in the Rideshare program. He just sits back, does his homework, and now and then glances out the window at the slow moving traffic, just glad he does not have to deal with it.

James Waworoendeng, the second Loma Linda University quarterly winner, takes responsibility to help keep our air clean by walking to work everyday. He feels that it is everyone’s community or civic responsibility to contribute at least a little bit towards clean air.

Laura Alipoon is the third Loma Linda University quarterly winner for 2005. She is the program director for the radiologist assistant program.

Ms. Alipoon carpools with her husband, Alan, who works for the Medical Center. They commute each day from Colton. She loves to carpool for the convenience, free gas, and her preferred carpool parking space. She has been enjoying the benefits for three years already.

The fourth Loma Linda University quarterly winner is Barry Krall. Mr. Krall has been in the Rideshare program for the last 18 months, riding his bike to work everyday. He has actually been commuting to work by bicycle since the late 1980s.

He says that participating in the program is so very easy and the benefits are so many. He does not worry about the cost of gas, lack of exercise, or even speeding tickets. His greatest thrill he says is to see his friends sitting in traffic on Barton Road at 5:00 in the evening and wave to them as he passes them by.

Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center thanks each of the winners for doing their part in helping keep the air clean.

If you have any questions about how you can help keep the air clean, have the chance to win one of the many Rideshare drawings, or to receive any of the many other Rideshare benefits, please call the security office at extension 44319.

By Peggy Bazemore, security office

TODAY news for Thursday, May 25, 2006