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TODAY news for Thursday, May 25, 2006

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SIMS brings cheer to nursing home

Community Kids Connection
A Community Kids Connection boy hands a card to a resident of the nursing home.
Have you ever done something for someone without them expecting it? How did they react? How did you feel afterwards? How about giving them an opportunity to share with you what bothers them the most. Even though you might have not said much—you were there to listen. And last but not least, have you ever just gone up to someone you didn’t know and reminded them how valuable and important they are? These are small things we can do for others that leave a long lasting impression in their lives, as well as ours.

On Saturday, February 25, a group of kids from SIMS Community Kids Connection (CKC) program, along with Loma Linda students, visited a local nursing home to bring some joy to our elderly friends. We planned to let the evening flow naturally even though we had a program in mind, but even more importantly, we knew we were there to share our voices and smiles with our friends. The kids sang songs as the adults were reminded what it was like to have a kid’s spirit.

Shortly afterwards, the kids and LLU students had an opportunity to interact with our friends at the nursing home. The week before, the older kids had worked on making bookmarks that had special messages and the little ones had made butterfly tokens which were presented to them as gifts. The smiles on the faces of everyone there reminded me of a wonderful Christmas environment. Everyone exchanged names and a handshake, while some even gave and received hugs.

At the end of the afternoon everyone was very happy they came and are eager to do it again. It’s moments like these that always leave remarkable memories and make you feel proud—yet humbled because you did something for someone out of love. Next time we hope to see you there too.

By Leonel Perez
Respiratory Care student, SAHP

TODAY news for Thursday, May 25, 2006