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TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005

Loma Linda University Medical Center news

Afghanistan opportunities

Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital
Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital
Loma Linda University Medical Center is currently seeking administrative type nurses and one or two staff nurse/educator nurses who would be willing to spend six months to a year in Kabul, Afghanistan, assisting in the start-up of Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital. Loma Linda University is setting up this hospital under a U.S. government grant. Richard Hart, MD, DrPH, chancellor of the University, along with Jerry Daly’s assistance, is leading out on this global outreach project. 

Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital (WAKH), a 200-bed facility in Kabul, has been chosen by the Afghan Ministry of Health as the location for the development of their residency programs. The building structure has just been refurbished by the Norwegian Red Cross. There is also an affiliated school of nursing located right behind the hospital.

The health care model proposed is to manage this acute care facility, based on western standards as much as possible, by a core group of U.S.-trained physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and administrators.

Initially, Afghan nursing staff need to be hired and trained. An outpatient clinic will be set up first. An Afghan chief nurse needs to be selected and he/she will partner with our western administrative nurse. An operating room and patient-care units need to be set up and organized. (This is a country where the norm for an ICU is simply having an oxygen mask and an IV line.) Nursing education and training will be highly important and essential to raise the standard of care. 

Benefits—Housing and utilities will be provided at the Loma Linda University compound about a mile from the hospital. An apartment building is now being built on the hospital grounds for the expatriate staff. 

Nurses will be under employment by LLU/ LLUMC with associated benefits, including health insurance and a competitive salary. Of special note, if a person is out of the U.S. for 330 out of 365 consecutive days, the salary is not taxed.

Safety—Kabul has a large military presence patrolling the city. Over the past year, violent incidents have been rare in Kabul, which is a big city.

For more information, please call Jan Zumwalt, RN, MS, MBA, executive director of international affairs, advanced practice nursing, nursing resources, interfacility transfer, and patient placement, at (909) 558-8541. Ms. Zumwalt can also be paged at (909) 777-4269.

TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005