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TODAY news for Thursday, June 8, 2006

School of Nursing news

School of Nursing holds awards chapel

Recipients of the Swatek Scholarship
Nursing students Julie Salsberry (left) and Sarah Skau, recipients of the Swatek Scholarship, pose for a picture with William Swatek, MD.
More than 100 awards were presented to School of Nursing students during the School of Nursing awards celebration held May 17 in the University Church chapel. The awards were presented by Jeff Leeper, CPA, assistant dean of finance, School of Nursing, and Dynnette E. Hart, DrPH, RN, associate dean of the undergraduate program, School of Nursing.

The following awards were presented:

Alumni Association Merit Scholarships ($1,000)
This scholarship is to recognize alumni and students for outstanding achievement. A few of the areas include mentoring, leadership, high professional standards, critical thinking, culturally sensitive care giving, 3.7 GPA, creative work, and commitment to the nursing profession.

    Maggie Garrison
    Sandra Peeke

Angel of Care Award ($1,000)
Established in memory of Carrie Anderson by the Anderson family, the Angel of Care Award is given to a junior student who is recognized by faculty and students for his/her concern, care, and compassion to patients and their families.

    Elizabeth Deatrick

Beaver Medical ($750)
The Beaver Medical Clinic foundation presents a scholarship to one registered nurse candidate attending Loma Linda University School of Nursing.

    Jacqueline Mamoulelis

Catherine Christiansen Scholarship ($2,000)
The Catherine Christiansen Scholarship, established by an alumna and her husband in memory of his mother, is presented annually to outstanding international students or students planning to go into mission service.

Spring Award
    Brooke Dunn
    Lindsey Hillesland

Fall/Winter Award
    Margaret Comilang
    Cecille Lamorena
    Crystal Lewis
    Cassandra Olsen

Charlie Jo Morgan Scholarship ($2,000)

Fall/Winter Award
    Myrriam Anilus

Class of 1949 Scholarship ($1,500)

Spring Award
    Marieneth Logan

Class of 1966 Scholarship ($2,000)
This scholarship was set up by the Class of 1966 to nurture the role of mentoring and teaching among nursing students. It is hoped that this scholarship will stimulate students to consider a future in nursing education.

Spring Award
    Cecille Lamorena
    Nicole Tribhuwan

Fall/Winter Award
    Ashley Blakney
    Christine Duong

Dean’s Scholarship ($2,500/$3,000)

Spring Award
    Susana Pak
    Amanda Quillen
    Allyson Wesche

Fall/Winter Award
    Kimberly Buck
    Vikki Cantun-Gonzalez
    Tammy Coffey-Mackie
    Jillianne Hapa
    Irina Turlea
    Valerie White

Emori Scholarship ($3,000)
This scholarship was established by the Emori family from monies received from the United States government in reparation for time the family spent in an internment camp during World War II. It was established in gratitude for the opportunities that the members of the family have enjoyed in the United States, as well as for the excellent education that they received at Loma Linda University.

Spring Award
    Sherry Barron
    Jessica Ferguson
    Melissa Lara
    Abigail Tamru

Fall/Winter Award
Recipients of the Dean�s Scholarship
Recipients of the Dean’s Scholarship pose for a picture. From left are Valerie White, Tammy Coffey-Mackie, Allyson Wesche, Irina Turlea, Vikki Cantun-Gonzalez, and Kimberly Buck.
/>    Dawnita Arthur
    Angela Cannon
    Katrina Collins
    Loraine Dias
    Crystal Gowing
    Sabrina Haddad
    Laura Haynes
    Ciarra Owen

Halpenny Scholarship ($1,500)

Spring Award
    Olivia Smolin

Hispanic Scholarship ($2,000)

Spring Award
    Judy Esqueda

Fall/Winter Award
    Angelica Rubalcava

Marjorie Anderson Jesse Scholarship ($1,500–$2,500)
Marjorie and Claran Jesse established this scholarship for Seventh-day Adventist students who are U.S. citizens and who have financial need in spite of their working to meet educational expenses. They remember when they were students working many hours in the hospital to cover their expenses.

Spring Award
    Svetlana Koval
    Louvelle Tanglao

Fall/Winter Award
    Stephanie Smith
    Susan Walker

Lam Scholarship ($2,000)

Fall/Winter Award
    Brigid Riordan

Lucile Lewis Award ($2,500)
In honor of former faculty member Lucile Lewis, this award is presented annually to a junior student who has demonstrated outstanding clinical and academic performance in nursing practice.

Spring Award
    Lorna Bell
    Elizabeth Deatrick

Myrtle Nelson Scholarship ($2,500)

Spring Award
    Natalie Reveles

Fall/Winter Award
    Erdal Pascu

Ruth Officer Scholarship ($500)

Spring Award
    Myrna Reyes

Fall/Winter Award
    Jacqueline Mamoulelis

Isabelle Rees Scholarship ($2,500)

Spring Award
    Tracy Haddad

Ellen Rickard Memorial Scholarship ($2,000)
The Rickard Scholarship was established by Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Rickard in memory of their daughter, Ellen, who was killed while studying in France. This award is presented to a student who demonstrates a commitment to the ideal of service by his or her involvement in community service.

Fall/Winter Award
    Jonathan Moya

Selma Andrews ($400)

Fall/Winter Award
    Jacqueline Mamoulelis

School of Nursing Alumni Scholarship ($2,000)

Spring Award
    Malika Anton
    Julie Carson
    Timothy Gandapermana
    Felisa Johnson
    Heather Richards

Fall/Winter Award
    Svetlana Bouz
    Catherine Comilang
    Ana De La Cruz
    Tony Dharmaraj
    Meera Joshi
    Valentine Manacop
    Melissa Morris
    Evalie Musich
    Ivo Radjagukguk
    Jennifer Romero
    Tiffany Segura
    Lynn Thompson
    Linda Warren

Swatek Scholarship ($2,500)
The Swatek Scholarship is given to an undergraduate or graduate student for financial needs.

Spring Award
    Julie Salsberry

Fall/Winter Award
    Michelle Meert
    Sarah Skau

Undergraduate Scholarship ($1,000–$2,500)

Spring Award
    Olga Diaz
    Amy Dignan
    Megan Duke
    Lindy Legoh
    Glenda Lupiya
    Armanda Nunez
    Crystal Postma

Fall/Winter Award
    Heather Mehl
    Martha Schenk

Rosie Voss Scholarship ($2,000–$3,000)
This scholarship is funded by a trust established by Rosie Voss Conklin, a graduate from Madison College School of Nursing in Tennessee. Because she and her sister had a hard time financially as student nurses, she set up a fund to help student nurses who don’t have the financial support of their families.

Spring Award
    Grace Chi
    Linda Tang
    Valerie White
    Amy Williams

Fall/Winter Award
    Summer Allen
    Rodolfo Bautista
    Lorna Bell
    Elizabeth Deatrick
    Melissa Duden
    Jocelyn Garcia
    Ryan Price

Webb Scholarship ($9,000 at $3,000 per quarter)
The Webb Scholarship is funded by a trust left to the School of Nursing by Mr. and Mrs. Valah Webb, two friends of the LLUSN who lived in Grand Terrace until their death.

The scholarship honors two exceptional sophomore students who display outstanding promise as nurses academically and clinically

Spring Award
    Elizabeth Deatrick

Fall/Winter Award
    Jennifer Hartley
    Mary Flaczinski

Harry M. Woodall ($2,000)
Harry M. Woodall Scholarship is given to students with financial need who are in good academic standing. Mr. Woodall’s wife was a School of Nursing graduate.

Spring Award
    Diane Brantmeyer
    Claudine Lisud

Fall/Winter Award
    Alice Ahn
    Abigail Baun
    Guilianna Cordero
    Sarah Giboney
    Alisha Houser
    Aki Inoue
    Desirae Pierce (Sini)

By Dustin R. Jones, MA
Recipients of the Emori Scholarship
Recipients of the Emori Scholarship pose for a picture with Helen Emori King, PhD, RN, dean emeritus of the School of Nursing. Pictured, from left, are Laura Haynes, Ciarra Owen, Katrina Collins, Crystal Gowing, Dawnita Arthur, Jessica Ferguson, and Dr. King.

TODAY news for Thursday, June 8, 2006