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TODAY news for Thursday, June 29, 2006

School of Science & Technology news

Earth and biological sciences names new chair and wishes best for colleague

Leonard Brand, PhD, professor of biology and paleontology, SST
Leonard Brand, PhD, professor of biology and paleontology, SST, excavates a whale during a research trip. Dr. Brand will once again chair the department of earth and biological sciences.
At the end of this month, Robert Cushman, PhD, chair of earth and biological sciences department, SST, will be moving to Northern California with his family. Taking over the position starting July 1, 2006, will be Leonard Brand, PhD, professor of biology and paleontology in the earth and biological sciences department.

After working at LLU for more than 12 years, Dr. Cushman says, “It’s been great! I really enjoyed it here. It was great working with my colleagues, and getting to know each of our students was very rewarding.”

Dr. Cushman will be teaching biology, chemistry, physics, and history at El Dorado Adventist School in Placerville, California. For the past few years, Dr. Cushman had been coaching basketball at Mesa Grande Academy while teaching at LLU, and he enjoyed working with academy-age students in addition to graduate students. “I look forward to teaching that age group and inspiring young minds in science.”

“Loma Linda was good to me, and I enjoyed the time spent here,” shares Dr. Cushman. “I look forward to continuing research with my geology colleagues as an adjunct faculty member at LLU.”

Filling in the role as chair, Dr. Brand is no new face to the position. He’s been working at LLU since 1969, and he has chaired the department for about 25 years total with breaks in between.

“The last eight years have been a welcome and productive break from administration, and I am ready to again take on that task,” states Dr. Brand.

He says his goal as department chair is “to support and encourage the faculty in my department, providing the environment that will bring out their most successful work and the best learning opportunities for the students. I hope to find better ways to recruit students for some of our programs.”

The department of earth and biological sciences offers programs in biology and geology. Graduate degrees offered by the biology program include an MS and a PhD in biology and a PhD in biology with an emphasis in paleontology. The geology program offers a BS and an MS in geology. For more information about the department visit www.llu.edu/llu/grad/natsci/ or call (909) 558-4530 or extension 44530.

By Patricia Thio

TODAY news for Thursday, June 29, 2006