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TODAY news for Thursday, June 29, 2006

Loma Linda University Medical Center news

Sir Run Run Shaw staff members complete eight-week mentorship and training program at Medical Center

SRRS Group
From left: Bing Frazier, program coordinator for international affairs; Jennifer Qi Xue, office manager for SRRS dentistry; Jan Zumwalt, MS, MBA, RN, executive director of international affairs; Jo Shen Li, pharmacist; David Hinshaw, MD, chair of radiology and medical director for the China project; Terry Tong Qiao, infection control nurse; and Mo O’Reilly, administrative assistant for international affairs, pose for a picture at the end of eight weeks of training for the Sir Run Run Shaw staff.
Three Sir Run Run Shaw (SRRS) Hospital staff members completed an eight-week mentorship and training program at Loma Linda University Medical Center on May 25. The hospital is located in Hangzhou, the People’s Republic of China, and the training program was the first time for each of the staff to visit the United States.

Jo Shen Li, pharmacist, spent much of her eight weeks learning how to improve clinical pharmacy services and to learn about quality assurance initiatives. She is specializing in quality assurance for Sir Run Run Shaw’s pharmacy department, which has a staff of nearly 80 pharmacists.

Jennifer Qi Xue, office manager for Sir Run Run Shaw dentistry, passed all of her time in the Prince Hall School of Dentistry, trying to glean the best possible practices to streamline the routine work of a dental clinic. She was sold on the use of barcoded inventory to save time, but was mostly impressed by the friendly atmosphere she found at the School of Dentistry.

“I like the School of Dentistry,” she says. “They are very nice, they are like a family.”

Terry Tong Qiao, infection control nurse, visited 15 different departments during her time at LLUMC learning as much as possible about infection control management. She learned a lot about policy and received procedural advice from LLUMC epidemiologists concerning surgical side infection and how to monitor for ventilator associated pneumonia.

“I hope to improve our procedures,” says Ms. Tong Qiao. “But some problems are international problems. Everyone faces problems like hand hygiene.

“We want to say thank you so much for everything Loma Linda did for us,” she continues. “We are enjoying the learning and the trip.”

“I hope that more of the Loma Linda staff will come to our hospital,” added Ms. Shen Li.

One week before the three SRRS visitors completed their training, the vice pre
Jenny Yezhihong, vice president of nursing at SRRS
Jenny Yezhihong, vice president of nursing at SRRS, pauses for a brief moment during her four-day stay at LLUMC.
sident of nursing at SRRS made a return visit to LLUMC, 10 years after her visit in 1996. Jenny Yezhihong, RN, tacked on an extra week to a conference she was attending in Nevada to visit LLUMC. She reflected on the changes at both LLUMC and SRRS since her last visit 10 years ago.

“We established a complete nursing system over the past 10 years,” she says. “Remember, we were a brand new hospital only 12 years ago.

“We started from zero—we started with Loma Linda’s policy book and the Chinese government to build our system one block at a time.”

Ms. Yezhihong is quick to recognize the advantage of having such a close relationship with LLUMC.

“So far we have had all our directors come to Loma Linda and train here. Now we are sending our nurse managers to train. All this is helping us as we pioneer advanced practice nursing in China.

“Right now, other national hospitals in China are visiting us to learn about our educational and management systems and advanced nursing practices, which Loma Linda has helped us with so much. It has brought us a lot of respect from around the country, and it has helped improve our nursing.”

Concerning Loma Linda, Ms. Yezhihong saw a lot of change throughout the past 10 years.

“I feel Loma Linda has achieved a lot in the 10 years since I’ve been here. That is helpful to bring new thoughts to my job. I see new buildings and lots of stability.

“If possible, I like to have specialists visit SRRS to teach us there. Two ways learning is better than one.

“The management style is the biggest change I noticed and the one I was impressed by the most. I’ve noticed the focus on employee satisfaction and customer service, and that’s what I want to bring back to SRRS.”

By Preston Smith

TODAY news for Thursday, June 29, 2006