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TODAY news for Thursday, July 20, 2006

Loma Linda University Medical Center news

LLUMC receives full accreditation for graduate medical education programs

The Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education granted Loma Linda University Medical Center full institutional re-accreditation for five years, the maximum length of time allowed.

The ACGME’s institutional review committee awarded this status in a letter of commendation based on a report from a site visit in December 2005. In the letter, the ACGME recognized the Medical Center’s graduate medical education committee for the “institution’s vigorous and well-supported efforts” toward a more “effective institutional oversight of graduate medical education.”

The ACGME also commended the Medical Center on the use of electronic surveys for the Internal Residency Review process, championed by Martie Prasley, PhD, as a best practice among graduate medical education programs.

Daniel Giang, MD, director of graduate medical education programs at Loma Linda University Medical Center, helps put the commendation in perspective.

“We received a commendation letter meaning that we had no citations,” says Dr. Giang. “This is a relatively rare thing for ACGME to hand out. I’d estimate only 10 percent or less of site visits result in a commendation.”

The institutional accreditation recognizes that Loma Linda University Medical Center provides an appropriate educational setting for the 40 residency programs with a total of 580 resident physicians in training at the Medical Center. It is the graduate medical education, often referred to as “internship” and “residency,” which trains physicians how to practice their specialty, such as family medicine, orthopaedics, or cardiology.

California residency programs, including those at Loma Linda University Medical Center, attract many physicians who have attended medical school in other states. Residency programs supply California with the completely trained physicians required to serve the state’s growing health care needs.

Loma Linda University Medical Center has always received approval as an institution, but this accreditation was unusual with commendations and no citations.

Nancy Wheeler, administrative director of the house staff office that oversees all the residents, and the house staff office  have worked hard in establishing the processes that led to the ACGME action.

“We worked really hard to improve some processes,” says Ms. Wheeler. “We were ecstatic when we received the letter of commendation, to put it mildly.”

And now the next step is to continue to improve and streamline for next year. “You keep reviewing the requirements and make sure you are meeting them, to stay one step ahead of the game,” she says.

By Preston Clarke Smith

TODAY news for Thursday, July 20, 2006