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TODAY news for Thursday, September 1, 2005

School of Medicine news

Innerweave: The Wholeness Story

Amidst all of the recent bestowing of honors at graduation time, it is interesting to note the attitude that accompanies the laying on of laurels. Naturally, in the ideal sense, it is assumed one will accept the award with gratitude and shy demureness, with considerable humility. Think for a moment what being humble includes, as noted by Wendy Wright in a recent Weavings Journal:

“The word humility is etymologically attached to ‘humus’—earth, clay. Humility as a virtue has to do with knowing ourselves as human, as earthy, as the clay into which the divine breath has been breathed. To be humble is to balance midway on the spiritual tightrope between the knowledge of our extraordinary blessedness and our very real brokenness. Created in the divine image and likeness we are ‘little less than God.’ We are called, chosen. We are God’s own people. Small, finite beings, we open out into the vast spaciousness of infinity. Our destiny is beyond believing. Yet we are also wounded, marred, feeble, frail-unable to respond fully to our destiny. To be humble is to grasp our true humanness, our earthiness into which divine life is poured. To be humble is to live the paradox of our blessed and broken natures, to know that matter matters, that flesh carries spirit, that the Christian life is discovered at the precise meeting place of the human and the divine. To practice humility is to live deeply into this paradoxical truth, to lift one-self to the mountain top of prayer and aspiration and to embrace the lowly values of our abjection.”

Over it all to write “Sole Deo Gloria”—Alone to God is the glory!

TODAY news for Thursday, September 1, 2005