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TODAY news for Thursday, September 14, 2006

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Summer soccer league a huge success

With the excitement of World Cup Soccer at its peak, Drayson Center organized an “Extreme Indoor Soccer League” in the air-conditioned Opsahl Gym.

“We started with open play for three weeks,” explains Ron Cronk, intramurals manager. “From that group, we organized a league of five-on-five.”

The league required a minimum of six teams. Ultimately eight teams signed up and additional teams had to be turned away. Wednesday, September 6, featured a championship match.

The league was organized, in part, to ease the loss of the superfield during a two-month renovation.

Gerhard Steudel, director of landscape for Loma Linda University Medical Center, and his team reconditioned the turf and resodded areas as needed.

“It looks beautiful,” comments Mr. Cronk. “Gerhard and his crew did an excellent job.”

The wear and tear of the superfield is but one example of a facility stretched to its maximum.

“With the closure of Gentry Gym and the growing popularity of our intramurals program, we are in need of additional field and other sports areas,” Mr. Cronk points out. “We are already exceeding our capacity.”

Mr. Cronk adds, “Drayson Center intramurals leagues are but one part of the mission of wholeness on this campus. Our students, faculty, and staff need a physical outlet to balance their busy academic lives.”

By Larry Kidder, MA

TODAY news for Thursday, September 14, 2006