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TODAY news for Thursday, September 14, 2006

Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center news

Centennial Complex to house Faculty of Religion

When construction of the new Centennial Complex is complete, and the much-anticipated facility opens its doors, it will become home to many University entities—among them, the Faculty of Religion.

Currently housed in Griggs Hall, the religion faculty—like many other areas of University education—operates at present with insufficient space. In order to accommodate all needed religion classes, rooms scattered across the campus must be reserved and scheduled.

Interim Faculty of Religion dean David L. Taylor, DMin, describes his own experience of racing between classes from West Hall on one side of the campus to Nichol Hall on the opposite side—with only 10 minutes to make the trek!

In addition, the religion faculty simply has insufficient room to store supplies and equipment—a handicap that will vanish when the Faculty of Religion moves into its new quarters on the third floor of the Centennial Complex.

Serving all of the University’s seven schools, the Faculty of Religion contributes significantly to implementing Loma Linda’s mission “to make man whole.” Its roots go back to the inception of the University in 1905, when the University’s founders committed to the inclusion of religious instruction in all curricula offered by the institution.

Faculty of Religion staff and leadership have worked closely with architects and University planners to ensure that their area of the Centennial Complex—which will occupy the northwest corner of the third floor—contains adequate classroom and office space, as well as the best in technological teaching advantages. The faculty area will include its own library, adequate storage areas, and sufficient faculty offices for present and future staffing needs.

Having all classrooms and other needed facilities will greatly increase the efficiency of the religion faculty’s efforts. And the leading-edge technology to be available in the new Complex will provide teaching and learning resources significantly beyond what is currently available.

Dr. Taylor reports that while most planning for the Faculty’s new quarters has been completed, some changes and improvements may still take place in those plans prior to completion of Complex construction.

In addition to providing religious curricula to each of the University’s schools, the Faculty of Religion offers master of arts degrees in biomedical and clinical ethics, clinical ministry, and religion and the sciences. The Center for Christian Bioethics, which will remain in Coleman Pavilion, is also a part of the Faculty of Religion.

In addition, the Faculty of Religion works closely with the Center for Spiritual Life & Wholeness—part of Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center—in promoting and nurturing an emphasis on spirituality and human wholeness in all aspects of Loma Linda’s teaching and healing mission. The Faulty of Religion has a teaching staff of twelve, which could expand by the time the move to the Centennial Complex occurs.

Upcoming issues of Today will focus on other individual components and areas of the new Complex and on the commencement of construction, currently scheduled to begin in October.

By Ken McFarland

TODAY news for Thursday, September 14, 2006