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TODAY news for Thursday, October 5, 2006

School of Medicine news

Innerweave: The Wholeness Story

Wil Alexander, PhD
Wil Alexander, PhD
Truth seekers from everywhere have come to our campus seeking yet more “Truth.”

Given the great emphasis on objective and scientific truth, there is hardly enough mind space and time warp to let the mind do much else with what it is given. For a bit of balance consider the below quote from Parker Palmer’s monograph To Know as We are Known:

“The untrained mind of pre-modern times did not rely on factual observations and logical analysis but on the subjective faculties—emotion, intuition, faith. These modes of knowing do not manufacture a world to be held at arm’s length, manipulated and owned. Instead, they receive the world as a given, an organic whole, and they make the knower an integral part of it. Such knowledge does not reduce the world to lifeless ‘things’ but fills all things with vital, pulsing life.… The whole of experience is pregnant with portent and meaning, and the knower is interwoven with it all.… To know in truth is to engage the known with one’s whole self, an engagement one enters with attentiveness, care, and good will. To know in truth is to allow one’s self to be known as well, to be vulnerable to the challenges and changes any true relationship brings. To know in truth is to enter into the life of that which we know and to allow it to enter into ours.”

By Wil Alexander, PhD
Professor of family medicine, School of Medicine

TODAY news for Thursday, October 5, 2006