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Colleen Whitt, MS
Adj Assoc Prof, Dental Hygiene
School of Dentistry
I have always believed that God has placed me in a workplace for a reason--a mission! I have worked in private practices up and down the west coast. In each place, I can look back and clearly see God's hand on my life. Because of my personal faith in Jesus Christ, I view my work with patients and students as an opportunity to share my friendship and faith. I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people. I view each patient and student as a unique creation made in the image and likeness of God. I believe in doing all things to the glory of God and performing /interacting with others in a way that glorifies Him.
Many students come to school wrestling with issues such as the nature of reality and the meaning of truth. They question their values and goals.I would like to  assist them in clarifying their thinking about the goals of both life and education. If I can be a person of influence in a student's life, I consider myself blessed. In an era of soaring educational costs, the continued existence of a Christian professional school as an alternative to a public school setting is paramount in my mind and my heart. As a Christian educator, I aim to affect educational planning and practice built upon a distinct Christian world view.