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William McGhee, MD
Vice Chair, Psychiatry
School of Medicine
Professor, Psychiatry
School of Medicine
Presently I am Senior Consulting Professor of Psychiatry at Christian Medical College in Vellore, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India for two years.  This is supported by Loma Linda University where I continue as Professor of Psychiatry.  When a patient comes to the hospital for admission a relative must accompany the patient and stay with the patient.  Two beds are provided in the room -- one for the patient and one for the relative.  This greatly enhances patient care as the family then obtains better information about the diagnosis, the treatment and then helps with medication on an out-patient basis as the family actually gives the patient medication.  This works particularly well in a country when the family unit is strong.  This is likely the only psychiatric hospital in India that practices this approach for all patients.

I am able to help out with "International Psychiatry" for our Loma Linda Department; the second resident in psychiatry just completed a rotation with us.  This rotation focuses on inpatient psychiatry, outpatient psychiatry community health and community psychiatry together with a study of ethics as they apply in India and compared with how we focus on them in the United States.

We have a strong church here with seventy students who are actively involved.  Each week after church we have thirty to fifty students over to our home for lunch, singing and talking.  It is invigorating!

We will miss our new friends here in the department and in the church as we return to work at Loma Linda at the early part of 2010.