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Lois Billock, PhD

Participating in the world of occupational therapy has provided me with a rewarding career. My experience in clinical occupational therapy is with adults dealing with physical disabilities in the inpatient rehabilitation setting. The process of facilitating a greater level of independence, well-being, and maximizing a person's potential has offered a high level of job and personal satisfaction.  My inspiration to become an occupational therapist came from a strong desire to be creative and to make a difference in people's daily lives. The abundance of possibilities available in the field of occupational therapy centering around the rich possibilities of human activity has gone beyond my expectations as the field continues to evolve in exciting directions.

Having received a PhD in occupational science, my interests lie in teaching about the nature of human occupation, theory in occupational therapy, history of occupational therapy, spirituality and occupation, and research. I find that learning about the nature of activity in everyday life makes for more meaningful interactions and interventions with clients as well as a greater level of personal satisfaction both professionally and personally. My doctoral research focused on women’s experience of spirituality through occupation.  Current research projects include looking at the usability of the Occupational Therapy Spiritual History that I developed.