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Carlos Casiano, PhD
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Professor, Medicine
School of Medicine
I am highly committed to the pursuit of excellence in biomedical research, teaching, and administration at Loma Linda University.  I will strive to maintain an active, extramurally funded biomedical research program that will provide training opportunities for graduate and medical students, junior investigators, and clinical fellows.  Through this research program I will continue fostering collaborative efforts bridging basic with clinical research.  As a teacher I will strive to present state-to-the-art lectures that will prepare medical and graduate students to face the challenges imposed by the modern advances in medicine and biomedical research.  In my administrative duties I will work to design and promote policies that will enhance the reputation and competitiveness of LLU in the modern academic world, while preserving its mission.  It is also my goal to continue working towards increasing diversity at LLU by actively recruiting and training students from underrepresented and medically underserved populations and by serving as a role model, mentor, and advisor to students.  As a faculty member who shares and cherishes the Christian values taught by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, I am committed to actively support and preserve the mission and values of LLU at the workplace, in the community, and at outside academic and professional settings or organizations where I am called to represent LLU.