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Ella Haddad, DrPH
Associate Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health

Dr. Haddad completed her undergraduate work at La Sierra University in Riverside, California and became a registered dietitian. She obtained the MS and DrPH degrees in 1978 from Loma Linda University. Moving to the Middle East she taught at both Middle East College and the American University of Beirut before returning to Loma Linda as Assistant Professor, now Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition at the School of Public Health. She is the Coordinator of the MPH program for the department.

In addition to her many teaching and administrative responsibilities, Dr. Haddad is the resident nutritional biochemist for the department. She has been instrumental in conducting the laboratory research for each of the department feeding trials, training students in biochemical analyses techniques. She provides hands-on learning experience to those with an interest in laboratory work. Dr. Haddad is also supervising the laboratory work for sub-studies of the Adventist Health Study-2, a cohort study of approximately 100,000 Seventh-day Adventist participants.

Dr. Haddad serves in many associations and committees including the American Dietetic Association, American Public Health Association, the Society for Nutrition Education, and the Inland District Dietetic Association where she served as the chair of the legislative committee. And, she recently served as president of the Association of Graduate Programs in Public Health Nutrition.