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Jan Nick, PhD
Professor, School of Nursing
School of Nursing
The philosophy guiding my approach to teaching is based on 1) teacher as facilitator of information to be processed, and student as controller of learning needs, 2) presenting patterns of connected information to assist in conceptualizing, and 3) organizing classes from simple to complex, thus achieving basic information to build a comprehensive model. These philosophical traits are grounded in behaviorism and mastery, using successive approximation to create success in learning, while the need for realizing evolving patterns and connectedness stem from cognitive psychology and Gestalt theories.  I create an environment of learner flexibility. Pursuant to my approach of designing flexible learning, and presenting patterns for information acquisition, I have used technology to achieve those goals.
I specialize in International Faculty Development and Capacity building, focusing on helping schools of nursing learn about and implement Evidence-based Practice, Active learning strategies, and increasing student success.