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Johnny Ramirez, EdD


My professional name is Johnny Ramirez-Johnson (legal name Johnny Ramirez).

I am currently pursuing chaplaincy training and aim at becoming a Board Certified Chaplain by the American Association of Chaplains .

My view of the purpose of life is to serve others, I love the creation of God and the role assigned to all creatures--

"Even now all created things declare the glory of His excellence. There is nothing, save the selfish heart of man, that lives unto itself. No bird that cleaves the air, no animal that moves upon the ground, but ministers to some other life. There is no leaf of the forest, or lowly blade of grass, but has its ministry. Every tree and shrub and leaf pours forth that element of life without which neither man nor animal could live; and man and animal, in turn, minister to the life of tree and shrub and leaf. The flowers breathe fragrance and unfold their beauty in blessingto the world. The sun sheds its light to gladden a thousand worlds. The ocean, itself the source of all our springs and fountains, receives the streams from every land, but takes to give. The mists ascending from its bosom fall in showers to water the earth, that it may bring forth and bud" (Ellen G. White, Desire of Ages, pp. 20-21).

My greatest joy comes from my familia they are composed of a small nucleous of three sons and one daughter in law plus a bigger circle of sons and daughters by "spiritual adoption"...all of them bring me my greatest joys in life!!!