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Matthew Caffey, MMS, PA-C
Instructor, Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Cardiopulmonary Sciences
School of Allied Health Professions

Matthew Caffey is a physician assistant, critical care paramedic, educator and researcher who has been active in the healthcare for over twelve years.  He started as an emergency medical technician and firefighter before moving up the rank as a paramedic, critical care paramedic (CCEMTP) and then physician assistant (PA-C).  He has a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Health Services from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and a Masters of Medical Science from Saint Francis University.  From 2011 to 2015, he lived and worked in Australia as an academic, researcher and paramedic working for Charles Sturt University, Central Queensland University and New South Wales Ambulance teaching pharmacology, clinical science and critical care.  His area of expertise is pharmacology and he's most known for producing the first emergency and paramedic focused pharmacology reference text and then reference App in Australia (Emergency & Paramedic Pharmacology Guidelines or EPGuidelines) and doing conference topics in pharmacology throughout Australia.  He's happy to be back in the United States and continuing his career with LLU.