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Patricia Jones, PhD
Professor, School of Nursing
School of Nursing
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
My research interests stem from living and teaching in Asia, and from teaching and practice in the area of adult and aging family nursing. I am particularly interested in examining health outcomes in women who encounter challenges and stressors associated with multiple roles including family caregiving, and how they cope with the stressors to maintain well-being.  This leads to examining filial values, resilience, meaning-based coping, resilience, and empowerment.  

Research projects

My first study, funded by LLUSN, was a descriptive study of small group of Asian American women caring for elderly parents. The sample included Chinese American and Filipino American women most of whom were first generation immigrants and employed full-time. 

The above study led to funding by NINR through an R-29 grant, from 1995-2000 to pursue a larger study of the same population.  This was a mixed methods study and involved translation and validation of tools in Mandarin and Tagalog.

Recent research project

My most recent project was funded by NINR as an R-03 for development of a tool to measure filial values in five cultural groups: American Indians, African Americans, Asian Americans, Euro Americans, and Latino Americans.

Proposed research

My proposed project for investigation is to test an empowerment model for caregivers examining personal, family, and community resources that contribute to successful coping and positive outcomes.