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Salma Khan, PhD

I began my professional career as a Gynecologist in Bangladesh where woman prefers to consult with lady doctors only.  I have seen patients dying of cancers without treatment or lack of early diagnosis.  My journey began at that time to develop myself as a scientist who can explore the unsolved questions to cure cancer or to establish early diagnostic tools.  I then took the opportunity of Gov. of Japan’s scholarship for PhD degree in Gynecologic Pathology/Reproductive Physiology.  I have enjoyed every day of my life doing experiments and amazingly saw the research progress when Gleevac was marketed to save the life of Leukemia patients.  That’s the day, I decided to stay in cancer research field and discover some drugs to cure cancer or adjuvants to existing cancer therapy and encourage and educate my students to do so. ??


When I joined Loma Linda University, I have mastered myself in protein purification from a large scale culture Bio-reactor, Mass-spectrometric analysis, Flow-Cytometry (both cell cycle analysis by PI staining and cell-surface staining), exosome purification, confocal microscopy, siRNA, and Real-Time PCR.


While I was a post-doc researcher at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center since 2001 in a complex Pathology laboratory and research collaborative environment; providing molecular pathology support for a variety of projects in breast cancer, optimization and establishment of fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) technique including synthesis of probe from BAC clone, labeling, and hybridizing into both metaphase spread and archival tissues, DNA purification from microdissected archival samples, Methylation specific PCR (MSP) to study epigenetic silencing of PTEN gene, primer optimization for LOH study primarily in breast, ovary, prostate cancer, and malignant melanoma.  My previous paper is on epigenetic titled ``PTEN promoter is methylated in a proportion of invasive breast cancers``, at International Journal of Cancer, 2005. ??


I am dedicated to establish myself as a Cancer Biologist.  As a Research Assistant Professor here in Loma Linda University, I have been successfully supervising MD/PhD students, Clinical fellows, and technicians in the research field.  As I emerged into a more national and international awareness of research informatics, I was particularly attracted to cancer biology.  It has thus far been an intense training in cancer biology field.  This training has endorsed my aspirations to keep me in more of a therapeutic approach.  Thus far, it has been re-tooling my scientific knowledge with the idioms, paradigms, and techniques of knowledge engineering and artificial knowledge in medicine.  This has led me to teach Cancer Biology course every spring series 2009 onwards to the graduate student at Loma Linda University and I have enjoyed teaching with enthusiasm with sound knowledge in cancer biology field. 


I have also prior experience in teaching and supervising the undergraduate students at Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, India, as well as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, at Los Angeles.  I have been teaching privileged to teach graduate students Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated system II (IBGS522) and IBGS 512, Winter Quarter, 2013.  I feel more comfortable and confident after I have gained my vast knowledge in extensive molecular biology and proteomics training. 


I have also published my work at British Journal of Cancer 2009 titled: Extracellular, cell-permeable surviving inhibits apoptosis while promoting proliferative and metastatic potential`` here at Loma Linda University.  I have come to a point where I want to find myself to invent a better cancer treatment strategies and pathway.  I have also established the exosome isolation methodologies in the lab. This work of mine was published atApoptosis 2011, titled: Survivin is released from Cancer cells via exosome. ??I have also published a translational research paper in PLosOne 2012, titled: Plasma-derived exosomal survivin, a plausible biomarker for early detection of prostate cancer. 


As a part of my career development I have been applying for the foundation Grant (Susan G-Komen for cure), Department of Defense (DOD), and national Institute of Health (NIH: RO3, K22) (submitted).  I have been collaborating with both scientists and clinicians around the nation.  I have been a reviewer of Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology Research, also involved as a reviewer of Graduate School comprehensive exam, and in the review committee of Annual Basic Science seminar for the Graduate students and post-docs.  I am also involved in teaching grant writing courses to students and post-docs at the University. 


My long term goal is to become a teaching Faculty to improve mechanisms for assessment of students, likely in the realm of ability-based or performance-based-assessment.  My career goal is to become a tenure-track faculty member at an institution.  I seek to combine a vibrant research career with quality undergraduate and graduate teaching and advising.  I believe that active research invigorates teaching, and vice versa, by allowing me to introduce applied problems in the classroom and forcing me to stay up-to-date on my broader fields.  I certainly feel that the experience I am getting is invaluable to my career goal.