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Ubaldo Soto-Wegner, PhD
Asst Res Prof, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Member, Microbiology&Molecular Gen, SM, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Stem Cell Mobilization

Regenerative medicine focuses on the potential use of stem cells in the cure of diverse diseases. A typical stem cell therapy would consist of delivering stem cells directly to the injured tissue. However an option could be the stimulation of endogenous stem cells both in the injured tissue as well as in remote tissues that serve as reservoirs for adult stem cells (e.g. bone marrow). Likely, stem cell mobilization from reservoirs to damage sites may improve healing.

My lab is studying endogenous stem cell mobilization with emphasis on factors contributing to stem/progenitor cell release.  

Additionally, we are also studying a subpopulation of tumor cells having stem cell characteristics. These tumor cells are known as "cancer stem cells" or "tumor initiating cells".  Research suggest that cancer stem cells can be released from the tumor into circulation and participate in metastasis. We are interested in characterizing the conditions needed in cancer stem cell release.  On the other hand, the study of circulating cancer stem cells could be a useful diagnostic tool.

Ubaldo Soto, Ph.D.
Division of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
School of Medicine
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