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Dustin Smith, MD
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Publications    Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Smith, D., Parkes, K.. "A State Run Single Payer System is Not the Best Way to Provide Healthcare Coverage for Californians." Cal/ACEP Lifeline February 2005. (2005): 10-11. ( 2/2005 )
  • Cohen, J., Smith, D.. "Posterior Hip Dislocations." Cal/ACEP Lifeline January 2005. (2005): 10-11. ( 1/2005 )
  • Nguyen, HB, Smith D. "Sepsis in the 21st Century: Recent Definitions and Therapeutic Advances." American Journal of Emergency Medicine 25.5 (1969): 564-571. (*)
  • Sheridan J M, & Smith D. (2010). Atypical guillain-barre in the emergency department. West J Emerg Med, 11(1), 80-2. ( 2/2010 - Present )
    Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), although an uncommon diagnosis in the emergency department (ED), usually presents as one of the more common chief complaints-weakness. In this report we present an unusual case of weakness, initially seen in the ED and sent home only to return with worsening symptoms and ultimately found to be GBS.
  Non-Scholarly Journals
  • Riverside Press Enterprise - Interviewed for background on emerging infectious disease"West Nile Virus." Riverside Press Enterprise 01 07 2004: ( 7/2004 )
  • Smith D D, Miller D, Cukor J, & Kuhn G. (2012). Does Level of Training Matter When EM Residents Provide Patient Care While Distracted?. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 60(5), S168-S168. ( 11/2012 - Present )