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Linda Golkar, MD
Assistant Professor, Dermatology
School of Medicine
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Chang Y, Golkar L. The use of naltrexone in the management of severe generalized pruritus in biliary atresia: report of a case. Pediatr  Dermatol. 2008;25:403-4 (*)
  • Monshizadeh R, Golkar L. Cohen L, Rubin P. Perforating follicular cyst of the tarsus. J am Acad Dermatol. 2003;48: S33-34 (*)
  • Golkar L, Eichenfield LF.  Xerosis and systemic disease: are you undertreating your             dry skin patients? Skin and Aging  1998; 6: 35-38. (*)
  •   Golkar L, Bernhard JD.  Mastocytosis. Lancet  1997; 349: 1379-85. (*)
  • Sieling PA, Wang XH, Gately MK, Oliveros JL, McHugh T, Barnes PF, Wolf SF, Golkar L, Yamamura M et al. IL-12 regulates T-helper type 1 cytokine responses in human infectious disease. J Immunology  1994; 153: 3639-47. (*)
  • Wang XH, Golkar L, Uyemura K, Ohmen JD, Villahermosa LG, Fajardo TT, Cellona RV,  Walsh GP,  Modlin RL. T cells bearing V6 T-cell receptors in the cell-mediated immune response to mycobacterium leprae. J Immunology  1993;  151:7105-16. (*)
  • Golkar L, LeBrun RA, Ohayon H, Gounon P, Papierok B, Brey PT. Variation of larval susceptibility to Lagenidium giganteum in three mosquito species.  J Invertebrate Pathology 1993; 62: 1 - 8. (*)