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Michael Orlich
Research & Grantsmanship    Funded Research Project (PI)
  • Adventist Health Study: The Next Generation in Transformational Health Knowledge

    ( 1/2019 - 12/2020 )
    Funding agency: Ardomore Institute of Health
  • Vegetarian Diets and Periodontal Disease, a Loma Linda Universisty GRASP grant ( 7/2016 - 6/2018 )
    PIs Ahmed Kocht and Michael Orlich

    Examination of clinical periodontal health, measures of inflammation, and plaque microbiome in vegetarians and non-vegetarians
  • The Microbiome in AHS-2: Feasibility and Dietary Associations

    This project is to test feasibility of the collection and analysis of fecal and oral microbiome samples in the AHS-2 cohort and to preliminarily assess the relationship of microbiome patterns to dietary patterns.

    School of Public Health GRIP Grant (faculty seed grant)

    Role: Principal Investigator

    ( 3/2015 - 7/2016 )
  Funded Research Project (CI)
  • U01 CA152939 NIH/NCI  Fraser (PI)                                                                                                                                                              

    Plant-based diet and risk of cancer

    This research seeks more definitive answers about the potential roles of plant-based dietary patterns, also meat consumption, to either increase of decrease risks of colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer, by using an unusually informative US study population.

    Role: Co-investigator

    ( 9/2011 - 8/2016 )
  • 2010-38938-20924 (Fraser PI)        

    Nutrition, Diet, and Lifestyle Research for Longevity and Healthy Aging

     This grant by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) was a training grant with the following goals:  1) The promotion of healthier lives by both advocating and supporting lifestyle changes based on previous research findings in a selected community setting; and the dissemination of research findings to the general public. 2) A professional education and training component which involves the identification and training of potential new investigators as pre- and post-doctoral fellows.  It supported me as a post-doctoral fellow for 2 years conducting pilot research on self-reported rheumatoid arthritis in AHS-2 and investigating the relationship of dietary patterns to all-cause and cause-specific mortality in AHS-2.

    Role:  Post-doctoral research fellow

    ( 6/2010 - 5/2012 )