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N. Dan Wycliffe, MBBS
Head, Radiology, ENT Radiology
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Radiology
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Service    Community Service
  • "Freedom from Fear" Evangelistic Meeting - Chairman of Executive Committee. Meetings presented in the Sturges Center of Fine Arts in San Bernardino by Elder Randolph Skeet. Highest attendance was 756 people on 09/29/2006. Result: 29 baptisims in Drayson Center on 09/30/2006 and 25 more follow-up baptisms later. The 25 sermons are being prepared for broadcast on LLBN this fall. ( 9/2006 - 9/2007 )
  Committee Membership (LLU)
  • Executive Board, Adventist Pioneer Library - Loma Linda, CA ( 6/2005 - Present )