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N. Dan Wycliffe, MBBS
Head, Radiology, ENT Radiology
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Radiology
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Research & Grantsmanship    Funded Research Project (PI)
  • Hemorrhage in acute infarcts: Incidence in spontaneous hypertensive rats and comparision of detectability in MRI and CT examination ( 6/2004 - Present )
  Funded Research Project (CI)
  • Use of Opioids in asphyxiated term neonates: Effects on neuroimaging and clinical outcome ( 12/2004 - Present )
  • Nonacidental Trauma: A comparision of conventional MRI techniques with a new high-resolution blood-sensitive susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) technique and MR spectroscopy ( 7/2004 - Present )
  • Patterns of brain injury in term neonatal encephalopathy ( 7/2004 - Present )