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Reinhard Schulte, MD
Professor, Radiation Medicine
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Radiation Technology
School of Allied Health Professions
Personal    Research Interests
  • My prime area of interest is the clinical applications of proton beams in radiation therapy and radiosurgery. I received my education and university degrees in Physics (diploma, M.S. equivalent) and Medicine (MD, summa cum laude) from German Universities. I was trained both in diagnostic and therapeutic radiology at German hospitals, and I am a board-certified radiologist in Germany and a licensed M.D. in the U.S. I am also eligible for the oral radiation oncology board exam in the U.S. I came to the United States in 1989 with a scholarship from the German Research Society to perform clinical research related to proton treatment of pituitary adenomas. I have been employed by Loma Linda University at the James M. Slater MD Proton Treatment and Research Center since 1994. I am currently Associate Professor and Program Specialist in Translational Research at the Center. I support both clinical as well as investigational research potentially leading to applications in proton therapy. (*)