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Reinhard Schulte, MD
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Radiation Technology
School of Allied Health Professions
Research & Grantsmanship    Funded Research Project (PI)
  • RSNA Medical Student Grant, "Evaluation of the Effect of Splenic Irradiation on the Extent of Ischemic Stroke in a Rat Model", awarded to Ted Link (3rd year medical student) and Reinhard Schulte (Advisor) ( 12/2009 - 5/2010 )
  • 2008 - present, Institutional Principal Investigator “Development of Proton Computed Tomography for Applications in Proton Radiation Therapy”, supported by NIU through DOD contract W81XWH-08-1-0205, accepted for additional support in April. 2010 ( 10/2008 - 3/2010 )
  • 1997 – 2005, Principal Investigator for the project “Development of Nanodosimetry for Biomedical Applications”, awarded by the National Medical Technology Testbed and the U.S. Army (U.S. Department of the Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, Cooperative Agreement Number DAMD17-97—2-7016). ( 11/1997 - 1/2005 )
  Grant Proposals--Submitted
  • 1R21CA135541-01 (MPI, Liang, Jerome Z (Contact); Schulte, Reinhard W ) 12/01/2010 – 11/30/2012 NIH/NIBIB $297,000 Proton Computed Tomographic Image Reconstruction The goal of this project is to investigate quantitatively if the gain by directly reconstructing the proton stopping power map from proton CT data is statistically significant over the indirectly derived maps from x-ray CT reconstruction. Role: Principal Investigator ( 12/2010 - 11/2011 )
  • BSF2009012 (MPI, Yair Censor (Contact); Schulte, Reinhard W) 10/01/2010 – 09/30/2014 U.S. Israel Binational Science Foundation $230,000 Intensity Modulation and Proton Computed Tomography in Proton Radiation Therapy Planning The goal of this project is to explore novel iterative projection methods onto hyper planes to proton computed tomography and treatment planning and optimization of intensity modulated proton radiation therapy. Role: Principal Investigator ( 10/2010 - 9/2011 )
  • NNJ10ZSA001N (Nie, Ying), 10/01/10 – 09/30/2013 NASA Ground-Based studies in Space Radiobiology The Effect of Low-Dose Proton and Low-Fluence HZE Radiation on the Neuroendocrine System of Rodents. The goal of this project is to use focal irradiation with narrow proton beams to study the origin and cellular and molecular mechanisms of radiation-induced growth hormone deficiency. Role: Co-Investigator ( 10/2010 - 9/2011 )
  • 1R01EB013111-01 (MPI, Bashkirov, Vladimir A (Contact), Johnson Robert P, 04/30/2011 – 03/31/2015 NIH/NIBIB $1,167,625 A New Concept of 3D Ion Detection with Applications in Biophysics and Radiation Medicine The goal of this project is to develop a new generation of gaseous radiation detectors based on the novel planar ion detector invented in our laboratory. The invention of this detector opens a possibility to build the ion time projection chamber - an instrument able to resolve 3D ionization pattern in a macroscopic gas volume with single ion spatial resolution and hence direct measurements of associated quantities for a variety of radiation fields and media. Role: Co-Investigator ( 4/2011 )
  • 1R01EB013118-01 (MPI, Schulte, Reinhard W (Contact), Bashkirov Vladimir A, Sadrozinski Hartmut F.-W., Schubert K, 04/30/2011 – 03/31/2015 NIH/NIBIB $1,966,347 Translating Proton CT from the Physics Laboratory to Clinical Application The goal of this project is to rapidly translate technology for imaging with high energy protons (proton computed tomography or pCT) from an existing pCT prototype, which will serve as proof-of-principle device, to a clinical technology. Role: Principal Investigator ( 4/2011 - 3/2011 )
  Abstracts Reporting Research -- Non-Peer Reviewed
  • BSF 2002240-1                       Breskin, (PI)                                                    A novel concept for high-resolution ionization track-structure imaging. funded by the U.S-Israel Binational Science Foundation. The goal of this study was to develop a novel ion detector principle allowing to study the interaction of charged particle irradiation with matter (track structure) with the ultimate resolution of single ionizations. Role: U.S. PI ( 10/2003 - 9/2007 )