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R. Wesley Swen, DPT
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
School of Allied Health Professions
Professional Development    Classes
  •  Part II:  Cervicothoracic Dysfunction & Cervicogenic Headaches:  Diagnosis and Management with HVLA Thrust Manipulation and Exercise. ( 2/2010 ) Link...
  • APTA Combined Sections Las Vegas, CA  2009 Multiple subjects ( 2/2009 )
    Current concepts in evaluation and treatment of orthopedic injuries 3 days of seminars
  • Cross Country Education - John O''Halloran Anaheim, CA  2008 Effective Examination of the Shoulder Complex:  New Advances ( 9/2008 )
    Evaluation and treatment of shoulder disabilities Importance of core strength in relation to shoulder activities.
  • Continuing Education Course Home Study  2000 Eating Disorders in Female Athletes ( 9/2000 )
    Signs and symptoms of an athlete with eating disorders Proper care of a suspected female athlete with eating disorders Anatomy and physiology of a person with an eating disorder
  Seminars and Conferences
  •  Current Manual Therapy and Neuromuscular Stabilization Concepts for the Lumbar Spine and Sacroiliac Joints ( 1/2010 )
  •  Part I:  High Velocity Low-Amplitude Thrust of the Spine, Pelvis and Thorax ( 12/2009 ) Link...
     Evaluation of and treatment techniques for HVLA thrust of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spines and pelvis.
  • Kinesio TapingTechniques - Wendy Burke & Cindy Bailey Loma Linda, CA - 2009 Whole Body Fundamentals ( 5/2009 )
    Lecture and Lab course with taping of common upper and lower extremity problems as well and lumbar and cervical spine dysfunctons.
  • Continuing Education Course Baratt Dorko Torrance, CA  2006 Simple Contact - Manually Managing Pain ( 10/2006 )
    Alternative technique for management of pain
  • Continuing Educaiton Course Alan Weismantel Loma Linda 2001 Cerntral-Peripheral strategies for the Upper Quarter ( 9/2001 )
    Review of anatomy and physiology of the upper quarter musculature and nervous system Evaluation and treatment techniques for treatment of upper quarter pn
  • Donjoy, Inc La Jolla, CA  1993 Treatment Strategies for the knee ( 5/1993 )
    Current concepts in knee pre and post surgical treatment.  Lab class with cadaver disection, arthroscope training, human performance laboratory and biomechanical engineering lab tour.
  • Education Opportunities H. Duane Saunders Pheonix, AZ  1992 Reducing injuries in the Workplace ( 9/1992 )
    Functional Capacity Evaluations, Ergonomic training, Job site evaluations, Work Hardening programs
  • Institue of Physical Art Anaheim, CA  1991 Fuctional Orthopedics 1 ( 9/1991 )
    Core strengthening and posture as it applies to peripheral injuries
  • Orthopedic Seminars Virginia Beach, VA  1991 Treatment Strategies for the Shoulder ( 5/1991 )
    Evaluation techniques and Progressive resistive exercies as it applies to the shoulder and shoulder girdle
  • McKenzie Institue San Diego, CA McKenzie Part B (Cervical) ( 9/1990 )
    McKenzie Extension princilple as it relates to the cervical spine
  • McKenzie Institute Long Beach, CA McKenzie Part A (Lumbar) ( 9/1989 )
    McKenzie Lumbar Extension priciple related to the Lumbar spine
  Post-doc Training
  •  Orthopedic Clinical Specialist ( 3/2009 - 3/0000 )
  Special Projects
  • University of California at Riverside Clinical hours for Athletic Training Certification ( 9/1989 - 6/1994 )
    Training room coverage and game/team coverage for all sports.  Practice time / Game time (home and away) coverage of Womens Volleyball team.