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Theodore Teruya, MD
Associate Professor, Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surg
School of Medicine
Presentations    General Academic Presentation
  •  Garcia O, Teruya T, Bianchi C, Chiriano J, and Abou-Zamzam Jr. Anemia is associated with postoperative myocardial infarction in patients undergoing vascular surgery. Southern California Vascular Surgical Society. Southern California Vascular Surgical Society 28th Annual Meeting. North San Diego, California. May 2, 2010.  ( 5/2010 )
  • Teruya T. Inflammatory and Mycotic Aneurysms. Division of Vascular Surgery Thursday Conference. Loma Linda, California. April 8, 2010. ( 4/2010 )
  •  Teruya T. Renovascular Hypertension. Division of Vascular Surgery Thursday Conference. Loma Linda, California. February 25, 2010. ( 2/2010 )
  •  Teruya T. Renovascular Hypertension. Division of Vascular Surgery Thursday Conference. Loma Linda, California. October 29, 2009. ( 10/2009 )
  •   Chiriano, Jason, Bianchi, Christian, Teruya, Theodore H, Mills, Brian, Bishop, Vicki, Abou-Zamzam, Ahmed M. “Management of Lower Extremity Wounds in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease: A Stratified Conservative Approach.” Southern California Vascular Society. Apr. 2009. ( 4/2009 )
  Research Presentations -- National
  • Bianchi C, Bishop V, Abou-Zamzam A, Bell B, Teruya T.. "Predicting functional outcome in patients with below the knee amputations performed for lower extremity ischemia." 25th Annual Meeting of the Southern California Vascular Surgery Society. San Diego, CA ( 5/2007 )
  Presentations given to non-academic audiences
  • Theodore Teruya. "Pain in Legs." Community Health. Saint Francis Medical Center ( 7/2005 )