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William Roth, PsyD
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
School of Medicine
Presentations    Research Presentations -- National
  • Seacoast Community Church. "Three lectures." Contemplative Living For Busy People. Encinitas, California ( 4/2006 - 5/2006 )
  • . "The Necessity Of the Holy Spirit In The Personal Life And Professional Practice Of The Mental Health Worker." Christian Perspectives On Issues In Psychiatry. Loma Linda, California ( 4/2006 )
  • Three part teaching series. "Contemplative Prayer: Tending The Heart In An Age of Technostress." Seacoast Community Church. Encitas, California ( 11/2005 )
  • . "Spiritual Self-Care For The Mental Health Worker: Revisiting Dallas Willard's Work On Spiritual Disciplines." Psychiatry Grand Rounds. LLU BMC ( 5/2005 )
  • . "The Apostle Paul and St. John of the Cross Meet 21st Century Neurocardiology." Psychiatry Grand Roounds. LLU BMC ( 11/2004 )
  Presentations given to non-academic audiences
  • Inservice training to NICU nurses.  The Heart of Stress management: Learning Heartmath Skills To Manage Stress Effectively.  LLUMC, Loma Linda ,CA ( 10/2007 )
  • Christian Medical and Dental Association Psychiatry Subsection.  Christian Psychiatry: Nurturing Growth With An Eye On The Future and an Ear To The Past.  San Diego, CA ( 5/2007 )