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Andrew Haglund, MS
Instructor, Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences
School of Pharmacy
Asst Clin Prof, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Presentations    Research Presentations -- National
  • Andrew Haglund MS, James Ciarrocca MS, Seth Wiafe MPH, "The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations Online Mapping System". 2008 ESRI International User Conference. San Diego Convention Center ( 8/2008 - 8/2009 ) Link...
    The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) is an alliance of humanitarian aid organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and medical products manufacturers that combine to donate medical products to underserved nations and disaster victims around the globe. The PQMD does not currently have the ability to track and analyze their global donations. Many geographic areas are poorly covered while others experience duplicate donations. To address this problem an ArcGIS Server web mapping application was built to enable the integration, analysis, and visualization of annual PQMD donation data. The web mapping application allows users to query the PQMD annual donation data by member, by country, and by year in order to locate both underserved areas as well as areas of duplicated donations. The system has helped to identify unmet needs, improve resource management, and increase communication within the PQMD and its member organizations.
  Poster Presentation
  • Seth Wiafe, M.P.H; Andrew Haglund, B.Sc, Emily Tong, MPH©. "Understanding Medical Products Donation with Geographic Information Systems (GIS): The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) approach." Public Health Geomatics Conference. Ottawa, Canada ( 9/2007 - 8/2009 ) Link...