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Brenda Bartnik-Olson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Radiology
School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Publications    Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Ashwal, S., Tong, K. A., Ghosh, N., Bartnik-Olson, B., Holshouser, B.A. Application of Advanced Neuroimaging Modalities in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury. Journal of Child Neurology. 2014; 29(12):1704-1717.

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  • Bartnik-Olson,B.L., Holshouser, B.,Wang, H., Grube, M., Tong, K., Wong, V., Ashwal, S.Impaired Neurovascular Unit Function Contributes to Chronic Symptoms after Concussion: a Pilot Study. Journal of Neurotrauma 2014; 31(7):1497-1506.

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  • Bartnik-Olson,B.L., Harris, N. G., Shijo, K., Sutton, R.L. Insights into the metabolic response to traumatic brain injury as revealed by 13C NMR spectroscopy. Frontiers in Neuroenergetics 2013; 5:8. 

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  • Corbo,E.T., Bartnik-Olson,B.L., Machado, S., Merritt, T.A., Peverini, R., Wycliffe, N., Ashwal, S. The Effect of Whole Body Cooling on Brain Metabolism Following Perinatal Hypoxic Ischemic Injury. Pediatric Research, 2011; 71(1): 85-92.

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  • Bartnik-Olson, B.L., Oyoyo,U., Hovda, D. A., Sutton, R. L. (2010) Astrocyte Oxidative Metabolism and Metabolite Trafficking Following Fluid Percussion Brain Injury in Adult Rats. Journal of Neurotrauma, (12):2191-202. ( 0/2010 )
  • Bartnik Olson, B.L., Holshouser, B.A., Britt, W., Mueller, C., Baqai, W., Patra, S., Petersen, F., Kirsch, W.M.  (2008) Longitudinal metabolic and cognitive changes in mild cognitive impairment patients. Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders 22(3): 269-277. ( 0/2008 )
  • Larsen, J.P, Britt, W., Kido, D., Bartnik Olson, B.L., Holshouser, B.A., Kirsch, W.M. (2007) Susceptibility weighted imaging in the evaluation of dementia. Radiology Case Reports 2(4), 2007. ( 0/2007 )
  • Bartnik, BL., Hovda, DA., Lee, WNP.. "Glucose metabolism after trauamtic brain injury: estimation of pyruvate carboxylase and pyruvate dehydrogenase flux by mass isotopomer analysis." Journal of Neurotrauma 24.1 (2007): 181-194. ( 0/2007 )
  • Bartnik, BL., Lees, SM., Hovda, DA., Sutton, RL.. "The fate of glucose during the period of decreased metabolism after fluid percussion injury: a 13C NMR study." Journal of Neurotrauma 24.7 (2007): 1079-1092. ( 0/2007 )
  • Bartnik, B.L., Sutton, R.L., Hovda, D.A., Lee, S.M. (2005) Upregulation of pentose phosphate pathway and preservation of tricarboxylic acid cycle flux after experimental brain injury. Journal of Neurotrauma, 22(10): 1052-1065. PM:16238483 ( 0/2005 )
  Books and Chapters
  • Ashwal, S., Bartnik Olson, B., Holshouser, B.A. Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Applications in Neonatal Medicine. S. Bluml and A. Panigrahy (Eds.)  MR Spectroscopy of Pediatric Brain Disorders. Springer New York,2013

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