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Brenda Boyd, PhD
Assistant Professor, Radiation Technology
School of Allied Health Professions
Commitment to LLU Mission    Annual Statement of Commitment
  • My Mission as an Educator at Loma Linda University
    My mission is to help others see and reach their fullest potential, so they can live at their highest best and fulfill their life calling.

    My Vision as an Educator
    My vision is happy, equipped, inspired, and changed lives, who go on to transform the world, one touch at a time.

    My Values as an Educator
    I will fulfill my mission and vision as I...
    • connect with my students
    • believe in them
    • explore their world
    • encourage them
    • expect a lot
    • tell the truth
    • be a role model
    • share myself
    • challenge them
    • ask questions
    • listen  
    • respond to and acknowledge them
    • spend them with them
    My Personal Statement
    Central to who I am is my passion for helping others grow and achieve their goals. It really matters to me that my students grow, change, and become what God intended for them to be. I see my place in their journey as the one who listens, supports, and believes in them; helps to remove the obstacles; is there to be their cheerleader so they can see their true potential; and one who pushes or pulls them toward their goals.

    As an educator at Loma Linda University, I have committed my life work to help others on their path in life. I am motivated by the mission, vision, and values of Loma Linda University, specifically  in the areas of humility, excellence, justice, and compassion. ( 5/2006 - Present )