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Bertha Escobar-Poni, MD
Professor, Pathology and Human Anatomy
School of Medicine
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Professional Development    Classes
  • Team Based Learning (TBL) workshop Dr. Koles invited by the School of Medicine for Training 9/23 & 25, 2009 ( 9/2009 )
    TBL is a method that shift the role/function of the teacher to a ''guide on the side'', and the role/function of the students from passive recipients into taking ownership in the acquisiton of information and learning to apply that information in different context/problems.
  • Instructor Methodological Training for Healthcare Simulation. On 6/5/2009, 8AM - 6PM, Risley Hall. ( 6/2009 )
    The objective of the course is to provide the instructor  with:
    1. Methodology to conduct any of the three types of simulation: (a) skills, tas, and procedure training; (b) lecture animation; and (c) immersive patient care management experiences. Also to understand the different roles, such as, facilitator, content expert, debriefing leader, etc, and their respective time investments.
    2. Develop effect scenarios and to conduct productive debriefing sessions with varying learner groups
    3. Orient of the appropriate use of and access to the Medical Simultaion Center.
  • 2009 Harvard Macy Institute: A Systems Approach to Assessment in Health Science Education. March 7 - 13, 2009  organized by Harvard Medical School. ( 3/2009 ) Link...
    Thecurriculum address multiple aspects of academic assessment: student/resident learning and acquisiton of competencies, faculty teaching and education effort, program efficacy, and institutional alignment of resources and supports furthering its education mission.  This program intends to prepare paritcipants to develop and lead effective and comprehensive assessment efforts at their home institutions at multiple organizational levels. Every participant that complete this workshop becomes a Harvard-Macy Scholar.
  • AHCJ 564 - Group Porcess and Dynamics: Health Professional Education.  3 LLU credit-hour. Instructor: Gail Rice, EdD ( 2/2009 - 3/2009 )
    Practical introduction to the principles and techniques of teaching a learning theory, as well as group theories, processes, and dynamics, as applied to the health professional clinical setting and classroom.
  • "Team-Based Learning 101" with Dr. Koles LLU, January 26 and 27, 2009 ( 1/2009 )
    Introductory and interactive sessions, covering and demonstrating the basics of TBL. 2nd day was dedicated to "Designing Good Appolications Questions," learning skills to write questions that will stimulate student interest and discussion within and between teams.  In addition, we had time to one-to-one consultation with Dr. Koles regarding our specific interest, looking for guidance.
  Seminars and Conferences
  • AAA Annual Meeting at EB 2010 ( 4/2010 ) Link...
    AAA = American Association of Anatomist
  • X, Y, and Me: How to Teach the Next Generation of Learners by John B. Molidor, PhD CEO and President, Colleg of Human Medicine for the Flint MI campus of Michigan State University ( 11/2009 )
    Orgaized by LLU-IFAC/Faculty Development/ Office of Provost
  • NIH Grant Process and Review, 12/14/2008. Sponsored by the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities. In ( 12/2008 ) Link...
    The purpose was: "Masterinr the NIH Grants Process and Research/Training Mechanisms - A Roadmap Toward Successfully Funded NIH Applications.
  • 1st NIH Summit: The Science of Eliminating Health Disparities. December 16 - 18, 2008 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, in National Harbor, MD.  ( 12/2008 ) Link...
    The Strategic Plan had three main goals: research, research infrastructure (research training, career development & institutional capacity), and public information and community outreach (on the latest advances in health disparities research).
  • 25th American Association of Clinical Anatomist jointly sponsored with the Division of anatomy, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. July 15 - 18, 2008 ( 7/2008 ) Link...
    Professionals involved in the anatomical science education come together to share and learn from each other experience, looking for excellence and better way to engrave life long learning skills in anatomy.
  Post-doc Training
  • Harvard Macy Institute Program for Eucators in the Health Professions. ( 1/2010 - 5/2010 ) Link...
    The goal of this Harvard Macy Program is to enhance the professional development of physicians, basic scientists and other healthcare professionals as educators. The program combines five major themes: Learning and teaching, curriculum, evaluation, leadership, and information technology. The program provides a select group of 55 healthcare professionals with the knowledge base and skills to enhance their expertise in both conducting an educational project of their own design and taking a leadership role in the educational activities at their home institutions. The program consists of two sessions in residence at Harvard: an 11-day winter session and an 6-day spring session. Learning formats include large-group presentations, interactive exercises, problem-based learning, observations, reflective use of journals, and discussion in large and small groups. A variety of faculty-facilitated small-group formats are used to support learning from observation, to draw together scholars with common interests, and to further the development of each scholar''''s back-home project for educational change.