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Barbara Hernandez, PhD, LMFT
Professor, Medical Education
School of Medicine
Member, Counseling and Family Sci, SST, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Couden Hernandez, B., Schwenke, N., & Wilson, C. (2011). Mixed orientation  marriages: A critical review of empirical work. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 37(3), 307 - 318. ( 5/2009 - 7/2011 )
  • Hernandez, B. Couden (submitted for publication). Prostituted hearts and bodies. In R. Maier (Ed.), Church and Society: Missiological challenges for the Seventh-day Adventist church. Andrews University Press. ( 2/2010 )
  • Hernandez, B. Couden, & Nyairo, C.B. (Submitted for publication). Understanding female genital cutting. In R. Maier (Ed.), Church and society: Missiological challenges for the Seventh-day Adventist church. Andrews University Press. ( 10/2009 - 2/2010 )
  Scholarly Journals--Submitted
  • Evaluation of a Fath-Based Psychoeducational Approach to Forgiveness. Hernandez, B., Vonderfecht, H., Smith, S., Cress, P., Davis, R., & Bigger, D. (Revisions submitted for publication, 8/16/11). Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work. ( 7/2010 - 7/2011 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Couden Hernandez, B. & Wilson, C.. "Another kind of ambiguous loss: Seventh-day Adventist women in mixed orientation marriages.." Family Relations 56. (2007): 184-195. ( 1/2007 )
    Narratives of five Seventh-day Adventist heterosexual women whose mixed-orientation marriages ended were analyzed through the lens of ambiguous loss. Thematic coding identified a wave-like process of changing emotional foci that emerged from their experience during marital dissolution. Elements of ambiguous loss included boundary ambiguity, retrospective interpretation and grieving, secrecy, and renegotiation of spiritual beliefs. A process model is introduced and elucidated through participant narratives. Treatment suggestions and implications for further study are provided.
  • Morgan, P. & Couden Hernandez, B.. "The Turtle." Journal of Loss and Trauma 12. (2007): 45-59. ( 0/2007 )
    Our current experience of grief draws upon everything about grief and loss we hold within our phenomenological field. this narrative emphasizes the necessity of reviewing one''''s experience of grief and addressing unfinished business in order to obtain resolution.
  • Hernandez, B. Couden, & Doherty, W.. "Marriage and family therapists and psychotropic medications ." Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 31. (2005): 177-189. ( 1/2005 )
  • Aten, J.D. & Couden Hernandez, B.. "A Twenty-five Year Review of Qualitative Research ." Journal of Psychotherapy, Practice & Research 24. (2005): 266-277. ( 1/2005 )
  • Aten, J.D. & Couden Hernandez, B. (2005). A Twenty-five Year Review of Qualitative Research Published in Spiritually and Psychologically Oriented Journals. Journal of Psychotherapy:  Practice and Research, 24, 266 – 277. ( 0/2005 )
  • Aten, J.D., & Couden Hernandez, B.. "Addressing religion in clinical supervision: A Model. ." Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research 41. (2004): 142-160. ( 1/2004 )
  • Boss, P., & Couden, B. (2002). Ambiguous loss from Chronic Physical Illness: Clinical  Interventions with Individuals, Couples and Families. Journal of Clinical Psychology, Special Issue: Chronic Illness, 58,1351-1360. ( 0/2002 )
  • Couden, B. (2002) Sometimes I Want to Run: A Nurse Reflects on Loss in the Intensive Care Unit.             Journal of Loss and Trauma, 7 (1), 35-45. ( 0/2002 )
  Books and Chapters
  • C.Fayard, B. Couden Hernandez, G. Harding & B. Anderson (Eds), (2011).  A Christian worldview and mental health: Adventist perspectives. Andrews University Press. ( 6/2009 - 6/2011 )
  • B. Couden Hernandez, Supervision from a Seventh-day Adventist Worldview (2011). In C.Fayard, B. Couden Hernandez, G. Harding & B. Anderson, A Christian worldview and mental health: Adventist perspectives, 423 - 447. Berrien Springs, MI:  Andrews University Press. ( 12/2008 - 6/2011 )
    This is monograph is being prepared as an outgrowth of the symposium of the same name, held August 28 - September 2, 2008 in Rancho Palos Verdes.
  • Hernandez, B. Couden, & Aten, J. (2011). Children''s perceptions of God''s role in the family: An exploratory study. In C.Fayard, B. Hernandez, G. Harding & B. Anderson, A Christian worldview and mental health: Adventist perspectives, 235 - 260. Berrien Springs, MI:  Andrews University Press. ( 12/2008 - 6/2011 )
  • No More Excuses, by Mable and Colin Dunbar (B. Hernandez, Ed). AdventSource, 2010. ( 6/2010 ) Link...
    Reviewed manuscript, wrote portions, rewrote and revised current work. Edited for organization, style, grammar, spelling, and updated references.
  • Flowers, K. & Hernandez, B. Couden (Eds.), (2009). Binding Up Bruised Reeds: A Quick Reference Guide for Pastors on Ministry to Families Experiencing Abuse and Family Violence. Peace & Healing: Resource Kit for Making Homes Abuse-Free. Lincoln, Nebraska: AdventSource. ( 6/2009 ) Link...
  • Leach, Aten, Wade, & Couden Hernandez (2009). Exploring spirituality through the clinical intake. In J. Aten & M. Leach (eds), Spirituality in the mental health process.  ( 0/2008 )
  • Couden Hernandez, B. & Kim, Heidi, (accepted for publication). Family violence in Seventh-day Adventist homes.    In A. Gottstein (ed.), Family violence and religion: An interfaith resource guide, 2nd edition. Volcano Press. ( 11/2007 - 12/2007 )