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Briana Maynor, MSN
Assistant Professor, Nursing - Undergraduate
School of Nursing
Professional Development    Seminars and Conferences
  • 7th Annual Laryngectomy Conference ( 11/2014 )
    The 7th Annual Laryngectomy Conference is a one day conference focusing on the interdisciplinary approach to the care of the laryngectomy patient.  This conference is geared towards Speech Pathologists, Nurses, and Respiratory Care Practitioners. (6 contact hours)
  • LLU Colloquium: Using Technology to Enhance Learning ( 9/2014 )
    (3 contact hours)
  • LLU Colloquium: How to Utilize the Brain and Cognitive Mechanisms... ( 9/2014 )
    (3 contact hours)
  • LLU Colloquium: Giving the Learners a Memorable Experience... ( 9/2014 )
    (4 contact hours)
  • LLUMC 8300 Staff Meeting ( 7/2014 )
    (2 contact hours)
  • LLUMC 8300 Staff Meeting ( 5/2014 )
    (2 contact hours)
  • Instructional Leadership Network (ILN) Meeting

    ( 11/2013 ) Link...

    AACN’s Instructional Leadership Network (ILN) is comprised of nursing faculty responsible for educational programs, including curriculum development experts and faculty with teaching and/or curriculum as their primary responsibility. This year’s ILN program focuses on Global Health Competence and includes stimulating discussions on issues most relevant to faculty today.

  • LLU 3rd Annual Laryngectomy Conference

    ( 11/2013 ) Link...

    This conference will focus on the interdisciplinary approach to the care of the laryngectomy patient.  Participants will learn about evaluating and treating this complex patient population from the perspective of the disciplines involved in their care.  The scope of discussion will include the patient's unique nutritional needs, respiratory care education and training, and speech-language pathology's critical role.  Discussion highlighting the patient's perspective will also be included.

  • The Future of Nursing: Global Adventist Perspectives

    ( 8/2013 ) Link...

    Conference Objectives:
    1. Discuss current challenges facing the nursing profession in the countries represented.
    2. Consider the applicability of the IOM Report (October, 2012) on the future of nursing in
        the United States to global contexts.
    3. Debate the influence of the recommendations of the Global Commission on the Education
        of Health Professionals for the 21st Century
    (Lancet, November 2010) on Adventist nursing
        education globally.
    4. Identify the relevance of these recommendations to Adventist nursing globally.
    5. Describe concepts, values and practices that make Adventist nursing unique.