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Bryan Oshiro, MD
Assoc Clin Prof, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Patient Care    Patient Care
  • High Risk Obstetrical Service - Care and management of the in-patient high risk obstetrics service. The rotation lasts one week and occurs every 4 weeks. ( 1/2006 - Present )
  • OB Night Call - In patient night call covering the obstetrical services at LLUMC. Occurs 3-4 times per month. ( 1/2006 - Present )
  • Outpatient MFM Practice - Outpatient management of high risk pregnancies, including mangement of severe maternal complications and medical problems and fetal complications. ( 1/2006 - Present )
  • Prenatal Diagnosis Clinic - Consultation service dealing with patients referred because of abnormal maternal serum screening tests, fetal and maternal chromosomal abnormalities, or congenital malformations. ( 1/2006 - Present )
  • Ultrasound Clinic - Ultrasound evaluation of pregnancies either with a pregnancy complication or at risk for pregnancy problems. ( 1/2006 - Present )